First ingredient


So, I’ve seen this blog and he mentioned about ouran anime, and it got me thinking, that I have my favorite anime, which is Hunter x Hunter. My friend introduce me on this anime. Short story, this anime opened my mind about friendship. how important friends are in our life. Nobody really should try to live their life alone.

of course there are times when you wanna be alone, when you want to have your own time and do your own things and just have fun by yourself, like reading books, or listening to music or just simply browsing around.

There are cases in our life when people come and go. We have old friends and new friends. Some we’re still keep in touch with, Some are busy with their own life too.

A lot of people probably been hurt by their friends, thus they started to take a distance into being involve with people and getting close with people. It is good to note that not all friends are like that. There are friends that you can always count on when you’re having problems or when you just need someone to talk to or even someone you can just say hi and bye and it makes you happy.

everyone of us whether we conscious about it or not , eventually we need someone to talk to or some people to talk to.

in Hunter x Hunter there was this line : ‘in order to know someone we have to know the reason why he/she angry’. When we know why someone’s angry we will be able to tell their personality, or maybe even what they have been through. Some people just angry because of what we say is rude, but some people angry when what’s happening in the current situation actually reflecting their past that they’re afraid of.

Good friends are those who’re not afraid telling you what you really are, your strength, your weakness, what you capable of and what you are lacking of. Good friends are those who will be there or try hard to be there when you need them.

I personally do not believe in bad friends. In my opinion, there is no such things as bad friends. Bad friends is not your friends. They are just people passed by in your life, trying to connect to you but failed. Either they are a pure douche or they just not meant to be to stay in your life. You both probably have different purposes and different view in life.

If you don’t have good friends, look again, maybe you missed someone or some people who has been trying to reach you but you ignored. Keep looking anyways, even though you have been hurt so many times, somewhere out there, there are people who likes you and want to be your friend and ready to explore friendship with you


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