Customer Service

There are a lot of things happened, today. I don’t think I will be able to write everything, so I have to choose.

So, after a long discussion with my own head I decided to write something non-personal matter.

Some people probably realized this and some people probably don’t.

So, I went to one of the mall nearby my place to do a couple of errand, and then I was craving for an ice cream. I then went to my usual ice cream booth to see if the worker that I usually buy with was there. He was there. So, I immediately told him that I would like to buy one cup. The Ice cream was nice. Although, that is not why I’m writing this.

As a lot of people might realize, this is just a reminder how a customer service could become very useful and critical to a store or a brand.

If you have a very good product that nobody will care whether you have a good employees with great people skills, customer service might not be mattered much. When you have a common consumer product, no matter how good your brand is people tend to choose the better service.

Let’s say you went to a restaurant, with an awesome ambiance and a very tasty steak, but the waiter were very unpleasant and unfriendly. You will feel uncomfortable and lazy to go there again, unless the steak is the only good steak around the area. If you can choose that there is another restaurant with a less tasty steak (the previous restaurant has 9/10, and this one has 8/10), with a very friendly and helpful employees, and they try to make you comfortable with your requests and your needs during your dinner time, you’ll add a plus point and keep coming back to that restaurant. Because sometimes no matter how good the product is, human interaction becomes an important part in everyday life.

So make sure you make a very good human interaction in your everyday life, with whoever you’re talking to.

PS: I got this KAKAO merchandise with the minimum purchase 😀 (I took the peach with butt looking face lol)




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