Level Up!


It came to my mind all of a sudden regarding the topic I’m going to share with you. as the subtitle of the place is ‘Life and other ingredients around it’.

I had a talk with my friend before, about relationships , about what is this we are doing in this life and so on and so forth. We both are gamer so it struck us that life is pretty similar when we’re playing our character in-game, especially mmoprg.

When you first create your character is like when you first born into the world. you start at level 1, which all your equipments are noob equipments according to your level, as well as your enemies (monsters , etc). when you’re a baby you don’t have money and your problems are either you’re hungry or you deeply in need to poo. as you grow up, your problems increase, like in school, or friendships , etc. in-game as your level goes up, your enemies getting stronger and sometimes you can’t handle them alone and you need to party up with friends.

The main point is, like in game as you level up, you gained experience, you can level up when you have increase you XP (experience point). In life is the same, as you grow up, you will learn more and you will gain experience, and once you gain more experience your level of maturity increases.

Sometimes when we face problem, a very difficult one at that, we have to remember that we have to face the problem, and slowly figure out what best solution we can do. Once we will be able to overcome it we will gain new experience and we will level up in life, so when we actually face the same problem, we know what we have to do with it. Even better we can help our friends or family that facing the similar situation. It’s like fighting a certain boss in-game, once you know the weakness of the boss and how to defeat them, it won’t be a problem to defeat him again, and you can tell your guild or other
people who having difficulties in doing so, so that they can overcome it as well.



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