Building Love



Love is all around. That’s one of the sentence in the “love actually” by Hugh Grant.

Love is not complicated. Love is simple. When you love someone you care for them. Some people prefer to show it, some don’t.

People on the other hand, are complicated. People make love seems complicate when it’s actually just a simple chemistry that happens in your brain.

In my opinion Love isn’t something that can be built through time. When you try to love someone you don’t, that you actually locked in without you knowing , maybe inside your friend zone. When you love someone, you click, you see him/her as someone who you want to be with, you want to spend time with.

Maybe, if you like the person enough, and you have some kind of chemistry that you have never explored and you try to be in relationship with him/her, you’ll be able to build up love eventually.

To me though, I have never been able to go down that path. When I try to build love, it never succeeded. For me, it’s either I do or I don’t.

Of course this is just my opinion based on what I have experience. Everyone has different opinion about love, about how it happens, or even how it ends.

All these years that I live, I have been learning so much about life and love. All that I hope for is to settle with someone I love without anybody judging or telling to tell me whether this is the right path or not. It’s my life. I want to spend the rest of it with people I love. Although, it’s always nice if people around me will be able to just pray for my happiness and support me.


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