I watched ‘ The amazing Spider-man ‘ yesterday. The film was out in 2012 but I have never had a chance to watch it. It’s a new story all over with the same basic concept.

Whenever I watch a superhero movies it got me thinking, what kind of superhero power do I want to have if they give me a choice?

I don’t really watch a lot of superhero movies. My favourite is actually spider-man. There are a lot of morale of the story that we can absorb from it. It’s not just a good guy defeating the bad guy or trying to defend the city or the country. It’s a whole bunch of dilemma. “with great power comes big responsibility” it says. Life is all about choices. Whether you wanna use your power for good or you want to be on the other side. When the enemy is actually also your friend, should you kill him or let him go.

What if you have to choose to save one of your kids in a fire. let’s say both are male. so you love them as much and you have to save them before they suffocate, and you can only save one of them. help came late and you only have 1 small oxygen tank that only sufficient for you and one kid, because they’re still small and they wouldn’t be able to walk, so you have to carry him out. which would you choose? You don’t want to choose but you have to choose anyway, because if you don’t, both of them will die.

Sometimes in life we cannot make easy choices, but we have to make it anyway, and sometimes it will hurt. You will have to hurt either yourself or other people, because you cannot make everyone happy. if you’re lucky there are more than 2 choices that you can choose from, which give you more option to think of.

Life is about taking responsibility on things we do and we’re about to do. Life is about making decisions. Life is about getting experience (like what I said before on the other post : Level up!). Life is about a long-term learning process.

Life is about making everything you do worthwhile.


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