a little vacation / travelling


What kind of great vacation you imagine or you have experience? share away in the comment box!

So, for the very weird timing in the middle of nowhere around the month, I will have a little vacation trip. I hope I will be able to write more before I disappear for a couple weeks. If not, I will see you guys afterwards =)

I’m going to have a trip to Korea, I’m not sure which part beside Seoul I’m going to visit yet. My parent’s friend going to arrange all those stuffs anyways. Most probably, We will be going to Busan area.

I wish I can go to some places of the well known K-pop was born.

and I wish for snow at the end of January xD

Have a great months ahead, have a great Chinese new year fellas! (for those who celebrating it)

Remember, Valentine’s day is close as well. Prepare something for your lover or yourself (if you’re currently single)


P.S : Do you wanna build a snowman?


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