HEY PRESSER! (in case anyone ever wonder, it’s just a name I made for all of you using wordpress =D )

I’m finally back from Korea. The food was awesome !!

I went to see the national museum, old folks traditional house, the King palace, etc.

It’s one of the best vacation ever!

I didn’t get rest, as in there are stuff to do everyday. Even though we did stop at the coffee shop a lot. It’s not so easy to find wifi there unless you’re in a coffee shop.

If ever I have a chance, I will write some details about my vacation, and you guys might be able to use it as a little guide.


This will be my official return to the global screen world.

So, as I discuss and yammered a lot about how life is like a mmorpg. one of the CEO of a well-known game brand posted this on his social media web


it’s like the full version of what I have said so far, although there are some point I disagree , but that pretty much how you could see life from another point of view =)

So, I won’t write so much today, just a brief welcome home post.


much love ! ❤


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