money, target and ethic


Howdy Pressers!! =)

Finally, I have some time to write again. I’m currently in Singapore, still looking around for a job to bite.

My friend and I was discussing about sales (One of my job interview was to be a sales consultant).

When we talk about sales, there are a lot of things that will come to our mind such as; product, customer, money, so on and so forth.

What we were focusing on was about the ethic on doing sales. Some people are money oriented and as a sales person they wont care about the customers needs or their ability to buy a particular product or brand. They will just force the customer to buy an expensive product or a bunch of products (if its a non luxury ones) to gain more commissions, also that they will be able to achieve their target.

We were discussing is this an ethical way to sell something ? Is this socially acceptable?

at some point it might be socially acceptable or maybe just because not many people (especially those who don’t really sell products) realize it.

My friend did have experience in selling a premium brand of skin care products and she tried not to do sales in an unethical way.

She tried to just manage the products she sold to be in the range of the customers’ need, as well as trying to achieve her monthly target.

It might be easier for you to gain more money especially if you’re good with people and you can easily convince them to buy more of your product with different range and use, but then again at some point you are ignoring the fact that they don’t need 80% of those products that you’re selling them.

it’s honestly a little bit of a struggle sometimes. When you know your customers can buy more, yet on the other hand you know that they don’t need some of those that you are offering them.

what do you think ?


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