from friends to lovers


It’s been 5 months since I’ve posted here.

A lot of stuff happened in the last few months. One particular thing that keep coming around in my mind : Relationship.

why do people get married if they just easily get divorced then?
Maybe their lover isn’t as good as they were expected. Maybe the hardness in life get inside them and make them forget how much they actually love each other and they decided to give up.

Some people have a good life, enough money, good family, but yet they still cheat their spouses or lovers.

I admit, feelings and emotions are complicated. Even though I said that, it doesn’t give people enough reason to hurt others by cheating on them or even some spouse/lover abuse the other, physically and emotionally.


There was a saying said that love erupts but then it subsides. Although your love may not be as big as the first time you fell in love because you, now, have seen more weaknesses on your lover, you should accept them as who they are. Relationship takes more than just love. It requires understanding, willingness, giving, acceptance and so much more.

Cheating or abuse though is not inside the accepted weaknesses. Unless you’re on a casually open relationship, nobody should cheat their lovers.

Sometimes relationship is overrated, but nobody in this world could live without companion. Very few people that I know of actually able to survive without companion in their future, or some of them chose and prefer to live alone.

So, if you have companion, if you have someone you love and who loves you back, you should embrace it.


Keep Loyal. Keep Faith.

Love more. Hate less. 😉



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