Health and Family


I met my friend’s mom today, at the supermarket, and we talked quite some around health and family relationship as well as work.

I just found out that a couple of my close friends’ mom are actually having breast cancer, including herself. One of them passed away few months back because she refused to get treatment.

The fathers on the other hand having diabetes, cholesterol, etc.
as we get older we are more vulnerable and easily getting sick. It may not be just a small virus like influenza or cough, even something bigger that we could never imagine.
I have been asking my parents to do a yearly check up, but they have been strongly stubborn about it.

The point is that it is very important to keep ourselves fit and healthy as long as possible. Eat consciously and do more sports or fitness.
Other than health related we also talked about family. There were a couple of unfortunate things happened in the family that we talked about.

Lets say the first family consists of parents and a daughter named Jane. Jane’s parents couldn’t have kids so they adopted Jane, which is their niece. Jane was adopted when she was arou d 6 or 7 years old. Jane’s parents is pretty rich, so they sent Jane to have education overseas. Jane felt comfortable and never wanted to go back home. She stayed there and got married even have kids there. Well, she visited her family back home sometimes but very rarely. Most of the time her parents went to her country and visited her.

Short story Jane’s father passed away. Jane’s mother left alone in their big house in the home country alone with 2 maids. years after years gone by she only visited her mom once every 2 or 3 years. When Jane’s mom in her 80s, she fell very ill. Even then Jane never took care of her mom. On the other hamne’s cousins often visited and took care of her mom. One day, her mom passed away and she didn’t even have the time to say goodbye. She just went back to her home country to finish all documents then she left.

Another family lets say its Larry’s family. He has 2 siblings. His mom has cancer and he is working in different town. Even after his mom looked very bad he didnt leave his job and take card of his mom (the family has more than enough without their kids working).

I’m not judging. They might have their own perception and I’m not going to blame them. Even so, wouldn’t it be nice to accompany your family while they’re alive? At least you would have memories with them then, when they’re no longer around. You can show them that you appreciate them or you care for them, or even they are not good to you, you can still forgive them and show them that you dont hold grudges. I know there are special cases out there where the family are very unreasonable (abusive, etc). Unless they do something unforgivable to you, it would be nice to show them your good side.

you only live once, so are they.
Keep Smiling 🙂
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