MCU – Iron Man 2

I wouldn’t call the second production of Iron Man is the most innovative except that they actually showed a lot cooler technology on JARVIS.  The movie continued where it left after Tony Stark confesses in Public that he is Iron Man. He did cause some issue with the US government because they consider his suit is a weapon that’s dangerous and they have to retrieve it. In this part of the movie it was revealed that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark was not working alone on the arc reactor. Ivan Vanko — the son of Howard Stark’s previous partner, intended to revenge his father’s death on Tony. He tried to kill Tony during a race, but failed.

Tony Stark on the other hand, having another issues. The arc reactor that keeping him alive on his chest, ironically also killing him. The toxic in his blood keep increasing, even more if he uses the Iron Man suit (since he powering the suit with the reactor). Tony lost his hope and he couldn’t find any element to substitute his current — on his arc reactor. He then gone pretty crazy by throwing up a party for his birthday and destroying stuffs. Nick Fury (director of S.H.I.E.L.D) managed to caught up on him and made Romanoff (S.H.I.E.L.D’s spy) injected him with a temporary solution — undercover inside Stark Industry as legal that then made into Tony’s Personal Assistant that also work for Potts, before she showed herself to Tony with Fury.

Fury then gave Tony his father’s stuffs that hasn’t been opened before. Tony checked out every equation and even watched the video her father left him. Tony figured that his father never hated him, but Howard took his job seriously. Short story Tony found an Expo model that his father made, which Howard did say he made it for him. After playing around with the model, he could recover a new element that is possible to replace with his current.

Ivan Vanko was imprisoned but Justin Hammer freed him to use him as his own engineer. Vanko didn’t do as Hammer asked for but he did arm himself with drones that he could control and showed it to the Expo that Stark shows under Hammer’s name. Stark found out pretty late and he had to immediately use the new element in his chest before JARVIS could do any tests. Stark then suit up and chased Vanko, but Vanko made a suit of his own. Stark then worked together with War Machine – Rhodes’ suit, to distroy Vanko — after Romanoff managed to reboot War Machine’s suit.

All in all, like I said before Iron Man movies is the welcoming wagon for more superheroes in the MCU, or I believe they put Tony’s confession as a point to manage the timeline. Later after credit in the movie, it showed S.H.I.E.L.D was trying to gather superheroes. They called it Avenger Initiatives, and based on Romanoff’s assessment, Iron Man is a good candidate but Tony Stark wasn’t. It was also showed in the movie that Phil Coulson found Thor’s hammer, which lead to Thor’s movie afterwards. I believe though, Dr. Banner a.k.a Hulk happened before Iron Man, but since Dr. Banner will be an important factor of ‘The Avengers’, they have to show what happened to him and how he overcome his powers. If you never watched Hulk, he got caught in a huge of gamma radiation when he was trying to make the chemical that they did with Captain America.


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