Storks — Baby for sale, anyone?



I decided to have some kind of marathon movies at the cinema a couple days ago. There was not many choices at the time — perhaps because it was an idle moment of movies. My option was Storks (okay this wasn’t an option it was already chosen at the time), miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children, and an Indonesian movie called Warkop DKI, but then I ended up watching Magnificent Seven. I decided Stork because I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while (as I did too for Train to Busan, but didn’t manage to do so) because I saw the poster and trailer, and honestly it looks very cute to me. Yes, Stork is a cartoon or should I say, animated movie. Warner Bros, the production company that also made their movie a couple years back The Lego Movie that turned out to be successful, back with a different kind of spice in the film industry.

As seen in the trailer that Storks (yes, the birds) have a machine to produce babies for human and deliver them to whomever requested by mail. It is pretty weird actually to have this kind of movie setting, because it is total fantasy. There is no way such things could ever happen. That is not how human reproduction should work, but hey, here it is.

The overall movie was very good. The rates in metacritic and rotten tomatoes are a little bit underrated (they gave 55% and 62% over 100). IMDb on the other hand gave a 7.2/10. In my own rating I would give about 7.0 , depending on where we are looking. Yes, the story is probably readable. Yes, it was not as twisted as zootopia, but we have to remember that some animated movies are actually dedicated for smaller kids. It would be easier to understand Storks compare to zootopia (which had an awesome twisted villain). There are a few moral of the story that we can take from Storks movie. First, not every bad guy that we met, or we think that they are, always bad. There is a so called balancing act in everyone– yin yang and all. Second, sometimes we forget to spend time with the people we care and busy with out own work, to-do list, or thinking. Third, kids, mostly or usually are true believer. They believe easily and they give they all to trust something or someone. This is not because they are weak and naive, but because that’s how we supposed to be before we were corrupted by adults who has bad intentions. It is because they are pure. Not saying it is entirely good or bad, but its just how it is. And we have to admit guidance from adults are not always bringing society to the right side. Like I said balance of the good and bad (yin and yang). Fourth, whatever happens we do not give up. We don’t give up hopes, we don’t give up what we are doing. As the storks said ‘always deliver’. Fifth, Everyone has something that they do not always tell. This doesn’t mean a lie, but really, we always have a desire to do something or wanting something and we sometimes never told it to our best friends or our parents. Perhaps because we are afraid that they are going to ruin our parade, because we know what they response are gonna be. Also perhaps because they will never understand why we want that desire, or maybe the reason is just simple, because we are not ready for them to know. Sixth, babies are cute. Well I do know some people who doesn’t like kids or babies, but to those who loves them, you have to admit that they are cute little creature that can make us smile. Last but not least, It is okay to feel. It’s okay to feel sad or happy or angry. Showing your feeling is normal.

So, story wise at the first few minutes were a little bit draggy, but nothing like a happy ending would cure everything in between 🙂

If you haven’t watch it yet, go ahead and do so, because we will never see birds deliver babies except in storks!



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