The Magnificent Seven – cowboy up!




As I mentioned on the ‘Stork‘ review that there was another movie i watched that day, and it was ” The Magnificent Seven”. I was a little skeptical about this movie, maybe because the setting is kind of vintage. Don’t get me wrong, I love vintage movies. The amount of famous actors in the movie also took my consideration that from my former experience some movies with famous actors or actresses are not necesserally good. So, what about this movie then? Was I right? Was it a blow off?

Like all normal movie the first part of the movie contains explanation. It determine of what will come next once the problem occurs. The movie itself surprisingly not as draggy as I was imagined. The story and the pace of the movie is quite remarkably in place. They also managed to put some actions during introductions before they get to the peak of the movie which come a little later. The ending was quite readable and as most heroes stories go, the good guys win. There will be some people who would say, process is more important than the end result. It is arguable until now, even, this kind of principle. In this movie though, I should agree that the process shows importance in the movie. Review wise I would give 7.5/10. If the story was more twisted than what was shown, I think i will geneously gives an 8 or even 9 depends on how it is.

I will try not to spoil the story as much. This different characters of the main actors actually put the movie into a pretty nice flow. Seven people, with seven different characteristic. Seven warriors or cowboy in this case (well except for the American Indian fellow), work together as a team. They have different skills, different way of problem solving and different approach to do thinks – murder or shooting people to death basically. Each of them has different past. Some are disturbing them and brought them terror. Why would they want to be a team in the first place? Technically, outside of their heart, it was because of money that offered by a lady to do some revenge for her husband, because a rich man was going to force the village she was in to surrender their property for a very serious little amount of money. The man was after the gold in that village apparently (for short). She met with one of them and recruited the others accordingly.

Rather astonishing really, when you thought all they after was money and they literally stayed in the end with all their lives at stake, to help a village, that has no connection whatsoever for them. I mean, if you’re dead, there is no reason to get the money.
Anyways, I strongly recommend for those who loves classic movies or just some chill time to watchi this particular movie. It is a little violent yes, but they don’t show much bloods. Well, basically they either shoot their way through or throw knifes and arrows. Not as much thriller and what not in the movie as far as I remember.

The Magnificent Seven. You don’t have to be rich or educated or good in everything to be magnificent. a particular skill that you’re good at, and a good heart. You’re good to go!


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