Opportunity Cost

We always have choices in our life. The choice for certain action that will lead us to a different path and no doubt, different outcome depends on which we choose. Most of us may have heard – or may not – about opportunity cost. Opportunity cost happens when we take a particular opportunity with the cost of forgoing others. I am pretty sure that this also happens at the same time. Time is something you can’t barter and simply buy back.

Everybody has regrets. I have mine as well. Perhaps my regrets is something that sound very common among us, is that, I didn’t use my time well enough. We tend to take time for granted. Some of us mostly take our time to do things that we may regret later on in our life. It is unfortunate that we only live once, hence the ‘YOLO’ trend nowadays occured. It is not wrong to want to enjoy live and maybe just play around, or travel, or do something very ridiculous and perhaps embarrassing because you will not be able to do it again after you dead – some people believe in after life but let’s not go there today. I just want to remind ourselves that whatever we do in this life, in YOUR life, make sure that it is what you wanted to do. Well, hopefully we can do something not only for our own good, but also for the people around us and for the community.

I’m not saying that in my current state, I’m late about changing something in my life, truthfully speaking, it may not be so late for me, its certainly not that early either but I’m fine with it. But then yes, I have regrets. I wish I could speak up more when I was younger. I wish I asked more and do more research then, so that I could find out what my passion really is. I wasn’t really saying I took the wrong course or the wrong path of life, but yes maybe, if I have known better, I could find out what I really wanted and could walked into the path that wouldn’t be so confusing now.
Someone told me before that our life is like a tree. when we make choices the new branch will appear and we have new choices for our next challange or path. Mind this though, the root will not change. We cannot change who we are or our family, but we certainly can choose the outcome of our life.

On a more recent event I was given a choice whether to stay at home or hang out with my friends. I can be very random and changed my mind suddenly for a not important matter, so yes, it crossed my mind to cancel the appointment. Imagine if I chose to stay home, my friends would be disappointed, I wouldn’t know they made a birthday party, and I wouldn’t found a business opportunity either.
Every small decisions, every small choices we made and will make in our life, will definitely open up a new branch for our life tree to expand. I am not saying you can’t have fun when you are young for example ; you’re in a college or high school, by all means have fun, make friends, go out and do crazy things because once you settle down, you are going to have to make harder choices. Mind you though, Do not do something you cannot come back from your decision like drugs or pregnancy. It is important for you to do something you enjoy but not something harsh for you to change your life even before you make a choice.

Every choices has its opportunity cost. If i’d stay at home i forgo my time with my friends, and to the extend of business opportunity. If i go out i forgo my free time and my ‘me time’. It is important to make a list of positive and negative list in your life choices, what you gain and what you forgo.

I hope we slowly can enjoy our life and at the same time make a good fast calculation on our small life choices that may or may not be change the outcome of the branch in your tree.


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