Isn’t it strange, Doctor?

I haven’t been able to continue where I left off with ‘Iron Man 2’ but I feel the need to write this as a recently shown new Marvel Studios production. “Doctor Strange” has been available in the Cinema from last week (in my area), So I have decided to take a little time from the busy days to watch one of my favorite studio’s production.

I will not spoil this because this is still fresh and new and there are chances where a lot of people haven’t got the time to watch the movie yet. Marvel has been very famous with their technology and Science-cy movies as we can see from their previous productions such as Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, those are biochemical part of the science whereas iron man take part in the engineering part of science. Thor on the other hand was the only mystical one in a way, although they did mention that it is a technology that earth has not discovered yet.

Doctor Strange on the other hand, despite the logical thinking of the actual Doctor with the last name of ‘Strange’, he was challenged to accept something more than the science and technology had offered him. He had to come across the fact that the universe is bigger than what he already knew, and it’s bigger than just physical form – like avengers (mentioned in the movie as well). I will not tell why but i’m sure those who already watched knows, that Doctor Stephen Strange was forced to think outside the box because of certain event in his life.

I find this movie is unusual, because I tend to vouch for technology and science and this movie kind of move beyond those beliefs in a way, but of course there is still science-cy, logical stuffs yet a bit more than common sense to grasp. Marvel though, still brilliant i might say with the small jokes around and They have put the story not too draggy as well as balance it with the action. It is so far one of the most appreciated movie I have watched besides suicide squad and avengers of course, and I will recommend those who has not got the time yet, to make one and go ahead watch the movies with some friends. Or alone if you prefer, because I did watch it alone so that the cinema will not be too full of people.

I will actually consider watching it again, perhaps with my family or friends who hasn’t. Honestly, I quite enjoy watching Marvel movies more than once.

In terms of rating I will give this movie 8 out of 10. on the side note, I’m a little sad that Cumberbatch could not keep his British accent.

oh and PS: Do not leave the cinema before the credit is over -as always there is more after credit scene


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