How exactly we find them?

I had a chance to watch Fantastic Beast – and where to find them in the Cinema yesterday. The movie seem to be still on going in most countries so I will try my best not to blurt out any spoilers. It was quite a long movie, I think. I’m pretty pretty sure the movie was more than 2 hours long. Any of you who have watched Harry Potter, or even love Harry Potter must be familiar with the wizarding world and the way Magic works with the wands and spells.

The movie was rated PG, I believe, because there was not much violence nor any sex scenes appeared in the movie and the movie was pointing towards teenagers and young adults.  I believe Parents would need more guiding in the movie because some magic is quite hard to understand and the reason why some characters do what they did regarding morale issues or magic law. I believe it is not easy to explain how people can have such power or even possessed by other beings.


Fantastic Beast timeline is before Harry Potter – 1926 , hence the olden days settings in New York City.  I have never read the book but I’ve heard that they going to make a trilogy out of this movie. For the first part of the movie which is the one they released, I considered them as a little draggy at some part, but they covered up quite good with the magic acts along the way, so i do not have much complain about it.

The characters and their interest in magic worlds, including what they are capable of is showing variation compare to Harry Potter book which I think it is pretty satisfying. I believe the main Character Newt Scamander is a nervous man which shows him somehow awkward at first when he’s in the crowd or interacting with other people, or perhaps making some decision. He is most comfortable when he was with his creatures as it seems.

As people might compare Fantastic Beast  to Harry Potter because of how famous the latter books and movies was, it is also not surprising people would expect something more and different from the previous magic world. In this movie Lord Voldemort has an old version of him, perhaps not as evil  but  as dangerous and cunning , Gellert Grindelwald. Some of the new stuffs shown in this movie such as ; MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America), No-Maj which means Non Magical Human or we are probably more familiar with muggles – apparently No-Maj is American way of saying it whereas muggle is more of a British way, and there was a Character who can actually read minds.

As most crime solving movies, there is always an FBI/CIA or any other government association involved, hence MACUSA is the same in this particular movie, it is to be expected they will not be easy to deal with as you may imagine how those agency usually act.

Considering it is not a finish production – the will be 2 more part coming, I will give this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

If any of you haven’t yet to watch this movie, it is very recommended, especially if you are a big fan of Harry Potter and Wizarding world. The creatures they shown in the movie also have some range of variation, which may be very interesting for all of you who likes new faces of so called animals with weird magical characters and attitude.

I, myself, is very eager to watch whatever comes next from this movie trilogy can offer.


PS : I also will be reviewing Starwars Rogue One once it’s out at my place



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