Lime in The Coconut

What I’m going to discuss here is not exactly a movie like I have always been discussing. It is more of a series. I have watched quite some US series, and one that I am going to discuss is one of my favorite. I actually watched this one a while ago as well but I was stucked when it was a cliffhanger while ongoing to a new season and I was busy with life and completely forgotten about it, until recently. I decided to re-watch it from Season 1 and to the current latest Season which is Season 11. As I have read it seems they are going to finish it with the latest Season which is Season 12 – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I have been yammering about this series that I watch but I haven’t gotten into the details yet. This series is about Crime, which usually includes FBI except the focus is  more on a medical or forensic arena besides solving the crime itself. The story started when one of an FBI special agent – Seeley Booth- in need of a help for a solve in a crime which lead him to ask for a forensic anthropologist –  Temperance Brennan, which supposedly the best Anthropologist at the time. At some flashback stories they had history, this was not they first case together. Most of the first season is basically a compilation of different cases with various reason of murders. I believe the first two seasons is critical to show the bonding of each characters and to understand their individual attitude and respond to different circumstances.

459321-bones-bones-quotesMost of the stories would based on Temperance Brennan the forensic antropologist, but I supposed the story will not happen without the important glue Seeley Booth – FBI. Booth is a simple man with quite interesting personality in my opinion. He has a military background in which can determine his personality. He is very proud of his country, a little intimidating, but also very human. He was a ranger back in the military which gives him a reason why he’s a good shooter and he believes in the system itself – law, which can cause a lot of contradiction at some point in the story later on. He is also quick thinker and smart, but he rather not show his brain so much, I supposed he is humble in his on ways too. He is someone who uses more of his intuition. Dr. Temperance Brennan on the other hand is very scientific in doing her work. She is very logical and rational and rarely use his feelings to make a choice or to decide anything in her life. The combination of these two personality brings the chemistry together for the main character. As we can see from the distance personality there will be a lot of differences in looking at a case but eventually they have to come to a common ground in solving it. Working together for so long, eventually they learn a lot from each other and understand each other better.

The Third important character in my opinion is Dr. Jack Hodgins an entomologist and like Dr. Brennan he is very good at his job. While Dr. Brennan is specialize in Bones – mostly human, Dr. Hodgins is focusing on spores and minerals. At first it was hard for Dr. Hodgins to mend together with the team because he had an anger issue, also he was trying to hide his identity as one of the sponsor for the institute – Jeffersonian. Basically he was hiding from his team that he is rich, which eventually found out anyway. His early seasons was focusing more on his professional work until afterwards he began his relationship with Angela Montenegro. Angela is Dr. Brennan’s best friend. She was originally an artist and called over by Dr. Brennan to help identifying people from their skull reconstruction. Eventually she managed to operate a good amount of IT skills and even have some patent pending programs. She and Hodgins built up relationship and got married – with a lot of difficulties.

Dr. Camile Saroyan was not appeared until season 2, She replaced Dr. Daniel Goodman – Archeologist. Dr. Saroyan is a pathologist. She was a coroner in New York City before she was offered a place in the Jeffersonian. She is basically the head of the forensic team.

Dr. Zack Addy was the main intern before he finally managed to get his doctorate, he is helping Dr. Brennan, and basically do trivial job before Dr. Brennan get to analyze the bones such as; cleaning the bones and reconstructing back the skull and also initiate analyzing on what could happen to the bone, etc.

I will not introduce other characters because it’ll be a long list, but despite that you can always see it here.

What I really like about Bones is that, it is not just seeing things from the side of the crime but how amazing our science and technology now to help us understand more about ourselves. Perhaps in this series we have been seeing through murders. It is somewhat disappointing that Bones having too many single story instead of a continuous event that in need of solving.

There are a few interesting serial case, such as Gormogon, Sniper Jacob Broadsky, Christoper Pelant, and the latest discovery on the latest season finale was ‘puppet master killer’- which i wouldn’t reveal because it is still ongoing. Honestly, I rather the series to be solving something rather harder to solve than a single case each episode. Although, I do understand that murder can occur anytime, sometimes it is intentional and sometimes it is accidental.

With the help of psychology aspect that was added after a couple of seasons, it was first from Dr. White appearance, because booth was shooting a clown on a clown van and it rises question because of his recent event of accidentally letting go a murderer’s hand – which the murderer ended up falling from Dr. Brennan’s apartment. Dr. White appeared occasionally and afterwards replaced by Dr. Lance Sweet which is a psychologist from the FBI. Later in the season there will be more views also from psychological point instead of just medical.

After the departure of Dr. Addy, he was moved to a psychiatric facility because he was recruited by Gormogon, even though he later told Dr. Sweet that he didn’t kill the man, and he was just helping, there are quite a lot of intern to replace Dr Addy’s place. It was hard at first for Dr. Brennan, because she dear Dr. Addy a lot – he is very intelligent but eventually Dr. Brennan came to accept that everyone is not the same and each of every intern she has actually have their strong yet different personality and very helpful in solving the case.

Having said a lot of things regarding this particular series i would give it 7.5 out of 10. I love the character and even the single cases, but  like i said before i would love them to have more of an ongoing hard investigation cases. The characters are lovely and the chemistry they given the audience is good. I do hope their very last season coming next year will bring a good end to the series.


BONES: L-R: Michaela Conlin, TJ Thyne, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Tamara Taylor and John Francis Daley. The sixth season of BONES premieres Thursday, Sept. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

oh , I put ‘lime in the coconut’ as a title is because it seems that the characters likes that song

PS: I am currently re-watching stargate series – SG1 at the moment will continue with atlantis and universe afterwards and will hope to review them soon as well 🙂

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