Sometimes, It doesn’t.

I was bored and checking through my movie list that I have but never had a chance to watch. A friend of mine told me it is a good movie but I was being lazy and caught up in my series. I was downloading my series (stargate) because it the HDD that supposed to contain all my series fell and  all the data was gone and I couldn’t recover it. I was a little skeptical about the movie, It is called ‘500 days of summer’. In my brain I was going all its-gonna-be-a-usual-romantic-sad-ending-movie. Oh well, I was wrong. in the first few minutes I was still kind of have the similar expectation as I was before I even open the movie.

missvu_tomsummerI supposed I can summarize a little about the movie. It is basically a story about ‘boy meets girl’ – hence the narrator said in the beginning of the movie, and he continued ‘this is not a romantic story’. It’s not that I have anything against romantic movie, I tend to enjoy simple romantic comedy and a not-so-sad movie but there are times when I don’t feel like watching those stuffs because some of them seem to be repetitive. Well, this is also considered a romantic comedy movie, except that it is not that romantic. So, the story goes with a guy named Tom who seemed to be pretty melancholic about life fell in love with a woman named Summer. You see, I thought ‘summer’ was supposed to be just a season here, like , 500 days of great summer with someone and being lovey dovey and such, so now you know why  I was skeptical. Tom was graduated as an architecture but he was quite unfortunate and ended up in a greeting card company. In the story Tom has already been in the company for a few years, when Summer joined the company as a personal assistant to Tom’s boss. The movie is actually quite messy in timeline, they purposely go back and forth between days, but the summary I am doing will be in sequence. Tom literally had a crush on Summer on the first day he saw her, of course all the chemistry we talked about on the previous discussion apply. Tom is a pretty shy man, so he didn’t really say anything about his feeling to Summer, but he was quite obvious about it in my opinion and he actually told a couple of his close friends and a girl – which is his consultant.  During an office hang out they managed to talk to each other and Summer flirted. Yes, she flirted. Well, technically she said Tom is an interesting person and she wants to be friends, but I’m pretty sure she flirted. So they became friends – literally, and hang out more often outside office hour and it seems to be that they are enjoying each other’s company. There was a time during their first hang out when Summer told Tom that she is not looking for a relationship and she is enjoying the moment of them hanging out together, but nothing serious. She also did mention that she doesn’t believe in fairytale and all those fate with other people to find the other half.

Short story they grew closer and eventually had sex and visited each other houses. They are not a couple, not in Summer’s eyes, not officially, but Tom even though he is agreeing on not-to-be-in-a-relationship with Summer instinctively he felt like they are a couple. He never said it out loud or complain about it until one day when he stick up for Summer at a bar when she was getting flirted by another guy, and Tom ended up fighting with that guy, Summer literally gave no care about it and she was even annoyed by his action. They quarreled – well Tom mostly doing the snapping – and they didn’t talk nor call each other until Summer gave in and visited Tom at his house. That goes for a bit until one day Summer finally talked to Tom about to stop having this ambiguous relationship and mentioned that Tom is still her best friend. Tom couldn’t accept it and he went from sad to angry and depression. He never really seemed to let it pass him, it didn’t go unnoticed that  he was messed up at the greeting card company – and of course Summer already resigned after that too.

753b4a456c829478b2df03867555e0f9Tom tried to get Summer back but Summer never flinched until one day Tom replied Summer’s email with a hope to get a chance to try to go back as before, but Summer’s replied was unsatisfactory. She basically asked if by replying her email means that Tom is ready to be friends again. Tom was still hurt and never reply. During the depression Tom’s friend helped him by setting him dates with people but it never worked out. One day Tom had to go to a co-worker wedding and he met Summer at the train and they talked and catch up some stories. They hang out together at the wedding and even dance. Before they parted Summer invited Tom to go over her place to have some gathering at her apartment around the weekend or something – I don’t quite recall they had an actual date for it. Tom of course dressed up and went to the party and pretty sure he had hope and expectation. Unfortunately, when we have expectation reality can be very different. He spent most of the night by himself drinking, whereas Summer was busy with her guests and roam around. One part when the party was going for a while Tom spotted Summer with an engagement ring. He then left the party and go home, disappointed. He went into a deeper depression after that event and he finally quit the greeting card company. He was so messed up that he only stayed home and ate junk food. Tom finally picked himself up  after a quite while and started doing his own thing and tried his luck on architecture company. There was one day when he was idling, he visited his little girl consultant, Rachel, and talked to her before she played soccer. Rachel basically said that she never think that Summer was the one for Tom, and she also mentioned that Tom should look back to the good memory that he had. And she told him when he looks back he should take a really closer look. The scene of course flashback to some previous event when Tom and Summer hang out together and it showed how Summer was unresponsive and was not very happy at every moment. It seems like Tom’s mind played a little game with him and made something up.

Luck was still not on Tom’s side, he tried to clear his mind by going to one of his favorite architecture spot. Surprisingly, Summer was there and told him that the spot became one of hers too. Summer was married at the time and she told Tom that he was right. True love and fate does exist. She feels that if fate was not there she wouldn’t be able to meet her husband. She also told Tom that she was never sure with Tom. Tom told her that he’s happy that she’s happy. At the last scene it was Tom waiting for an interview with another woman. He then realize there is no such thing as fate. Just coincidence. And her name was Autumn.


The reason why i summarize and explain the story here is because I want to show a lot of people out there that, this movie is actually one of the movie that taken probably out of daily real life experience. I am not saying that romantic-true-love-happy-ending movie is not real. They are too. There are people met with their loved ones in early ages and been in a relationship for a long time and get married and lives happily. There are people had some relationship that didn’t work out and finally found someone. I guess, most movies tend to show and focus on the happy ending. That someone eventually found someone else that will take up with their shit and be happy together. Or that we will eventually find someone fated to us, hence all the wrong boyfriends and girlfriends we had before we finally met im or her. Maybe. Maybe not. I am actually more agreeing to everything is a coincidence. There is no exactly one thread of fate for us. It is true that our action can result in different outcome. every action and every decision we made or going to make will bring us a new branch for us to walk to.

Some people are unknowingly putting themselves with someone else because they are fun or feel comfortable with each other, without the element of sincerely wanting to be with that person. A lot of people are giving false hope to their current ‘friends for benefit’ or even relationship. Maybe some of us are Summer in our current relationship or maybe some of us are Tom. Nevertheless, it will be better to realize it early before we are hurting someone or get hurt by someone.

I will tell you this though, there are times we have to fall in love hard enough and add some logic to know that we are actually doing the right thing. When people said that they want to be with you, and they are comfortable with you but they are not ready in a relationship, it simply means that they are not attracted to you. When they say they are not ready in a relationship, they are not lying, but they are not entirely truthful either. Because once they meet that particular chemistry and ‘clicked’ they will immediately jump into a relationship. Hence, Summer.



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