Dream Big

Today, I had a chance to go out and choose one movie to watch at the cinema. It took me a while because I have a couple of movies that I would really love to watch outside of my laptop. Quite honestly I stand in front of the cinema cashier and wondering to myself whether I should watch “sing” or Starwars “rogue one”. I have been waiting for Sing even before it comes out, but then Rogue One just came out a couple days ago, and the trailer looks awesome too. I finally decided to watch Sing first because I will have time to watch Rogue one some other time before the show pulled out from the local cinema.

I tend to watch movie alone, even at the cinema. Don’t get me wrong, I like to watch with other people but there are times when I like to watch movie at the cinema before it actually ends from the showing time so that not many people will be there. It has its up rather than down, well, I will be reviewing later than most people, but it helps me to actually watch it with more focus. As all of you probably know when we watch at the cinema, we have a lot of different kind of characters watching and some of it may have not been suitable to our liking. Some are busy with their phones, or keep asking questions or even making out. Anyhoo, I watched sing earlier today.

To be quite honest even though I said I have been waiting to get a chance to watch this movie I wasn’t really have a big of an expectation. I just basically love the singing part. I supposed I can give a little bit of a summary regarding the movie because basically it’s been out for quite a while.

Sing is an animated movie telling story about passion and dream. Since it is an animated movie the writer make it into animal kingdom that lives like human. It is a story about a koala with a dream of running a theater because he saw a performance of a sheep – Nana Noodleman. The koala, Mr. Moon, has never been successful in his theatrical life and eventually hit a massive debt with nobody wants to help. He later came up with a plan to bring back the glorious time of singing theater, so he managed a singing competition with a prize of 1000, with the unfortunate of his assistant mistake the prize became 100,000 dollars. And of course a lot of participant interested in it.Mr. Moon didn’t know the mess he made until later. He managed to choose good singers and performers and he convinced Nana Noodleman to see the preview of his supposedly rehearsal for the actual show.

One of his singer though – Mike, is making a mess with some bears at the club and it haunt him during the preview and causing Moon to get into a deeper mess. His stage collapsed and the building of his theater collapsed afterwards. With nothing, he canceled the whole show and rejected the singers want to re-do the show with minimal help.

Mr. Moon then  try to build back his life with a car wash business with the help of his friend, the sheep – Eddie Noodleman, Nana grandson. It is actually a business that his father did to save some money for Moon’s theater. During one of the car wash, he listened to a very beautiful voice of one of his theater assistant, the elephant named Meena. Meena was never brave enough to sing in front of an audience, so nobody ever heard her sing besides her family. After listening to Meena, Mr. Moon get back his courage and re-doing his show. He called all the singer that was in the team before.

Short story they did a live performance on the rubble of their old theater and they got attention from the crown because one of the TV news actually showing it – Mr. Moon is infamous for his bad luck and no good theater. They finally had a good show going with the approval of a whole crown including Nana Noodleman which in the end giving Moon theater financial support.

Each and every animal that’s part of the performer team has their own life and storyline on how they was nobody but loves to sing and work together in this theater, and yes I will not go into details about each story.

‘when you hit rock bottom you do not have anywhere else to go except going up’ is one of my favorite quote of the show. The movie tells you to never give up on your dream, and when you dream, you have to dream big. One day, eventually your hard work will be worth it. I cried at the part when they did their live show at the end. It is not supposed to be a sad moment but it is a very happy moment and i cracked at a good happy moment.

The idea might not be very original because there are other movies that also taught us the same. But honestly, we do need a reminder sometimes, don’t we ?

As a review goes, I will give this movie an 7.5 out of 10. It is not a great have to watch movie, but it is a good movie. It is not heavy and not too draggy. It didn’t give me an impression of a very funny movie but I had a good simple laugh and a very decent relaxing time just to watch to movie. And it’s animated, so they are pretty cute 🙂


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