A Star Wars Movie

Finally i had a chance to watch Star Wars Rogue One. I have been sitting on it since forever. Overall I will give this movie an 8 out of 10. It might be quite confusing for the audience who has never actually watch star wars before, and literally cliffhanger. I do feel proud the way Lucas film put it in the middle of nowhere, I supposed they wish people watch the old movies to actually get the whole picture. I also read somewhere that they will have Star Wars Episode VIII soonish.

The pace is actually just nice for me. It was not too fast nor too slow. I don’t actually try to find a remote and wish to fast forward it. It is also a nice thing to see 3CPO and R2D2 in that movie as a cameo. I was a little skeptic about K2So but eventually he came to my liking with his own style. They have less weird aliens looking creature in this movie however. I am not sure if I should be surprise seeing darth vader in that movie but I supposed it is only natural to have him there. The most unfortunate thing that probably most of the star wars fans and I quite sad about is there is almost zero saber fight. Well, I supposed I could say it zero, since when Darth Vader wave around his it was against laser pistols. The adventure of Jyn and Cassian is rather tricky and as most action movies do, they have some twisted problem in the middle. It is unfortunate that rogue one main actors are the catalyst for a new beginning.

A very short summary about the movie, is a story of a daughter of an imperial engineer trying to find her father because her father made a super weapon that can destroy planets. She was force to find her father and find out what had happened and how to stop that super weapon. The rebels who forced her sent a captain and his droid to find alliance group which was part of the rebellion long ago.  Unfortunate for them though one of the moon, Jedha, was destroyed after Jyn found the alliance and found out that her father sent a message through a hologram telling her on how to rig the super weapon. It is not without a hard work and blood Jyn – the daughter, manage to find the research facility. She met her father again for the last time, because her father was dying from the blast of one of the rebellion ship. Jyn and Cassian – the captain, went back to the rebellion HQ and told them everything. The rebellion committee didn’t all agree to attack, so they decided to cancel it. Jyn, Cassian and some other volunteer went to Scarif by themselves. It is where the map of the super weapon located. Scarif is a heavy guarded imperial facility  The story end with Jyn and Cassian, managed to send the blueprint of the super weapon through communication. The imperial already destroying the planet with the super weapon when the rebellion received the transmission. At the last scene they showed Leia received the data from one of her people.

This movie tells us to be brave. To do what’s right. Sometimes we cannot win everything in one go. Sometimes our plan goes wrong and we lost people, but it never the reason to be bad and to stop trying.

I really do not want to spoil anyone, so if you haven’t watch this movie, you should do it 🙂


I’d like to also show my deep condolences to Carrie Fisher and her mother that passed away recently. It is such a great loss in the Movie industry.



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