To Go Beyond

I purposely made time to free myself and engage with a couple of movies one of them was Passengers and the other one is Moana. In this post though I will discuss my review about the Disney animation movie MOANA. Despite the weird name and the uneventful trailer when I first saw it, I did not have any intention to check it out at all. I was out of movies by then and saw that some of the reviews are actually considered high. I know Disney seldom disappoint but I was not into animation movie as much after I watched ‘Sing‘.

Before I give a full opinion and review I would like to give a summary of the movie as short as possible and as little spoiler as possible.

This movie is basically a fantasy story about Te Fiti which is a goddess that emerged from the ocean and created life with a stone in her heart. a Demigod Maui stole the heart to actually gives it to humanity as a gift. Unfortunately despite his good intentions the island turned dark and he immediately encountered the Lava God Te Ka. The heart of Te Fiti fell and lost in the ocean as well as his hook which gives him the power of transformation.


The history of this was seen told by a granmother of a child name Moana of Motunui. The other children that was listening to the story scared except for Moana which looked very excited about the story. Ever since that story telling Moana seemed to have interest in the ocean. It was also shown that an animation of the ocean called her and shown her the stone of Te Fiti heart when she was a toddler. Moana the daughter of the chief of the village against the fact of Moana’s interest into the ocean. Her father keep trying to make her stay in the village and continue her loyalty and work towards the village which she will eventually lead. With songs and dances, Moana kept showing her interest to explore the ocean, but it is forbidden to go beyond the reef.

Years later when Moana has become young adult, her village encountered some problems. The coconuts turned black and they do not have anymore fish nearby. Moana’s father wants her to stay in the village and solve the problem and be ready to be a chief without having to go beyond the reef – Moana suggested that the fishermen to go outside the radius.

Her Granma then showed her the truth behind all this ‘don’t go beyond the reef’ speech. Granma showed Moana a cave where her ancestors was before, are voyagers. They traveled from island to island, until one day they stopped, supposedly after Maui incident. Her father had the same thought of going to the ocean but taken aback when his friend drowned in the ocean not long after he passed the reef.

it wasn’t immediately after Moana known the truth, that she finally sail the boat. Not until her granma was dying anyways.  Short story she sailed to find Maui and they began their journey to find Maui’s hook before they went to put the stone heart back to Te Fiti’s.


I would give this movie an 8 over 10 or even 8.5 for the morale of the story that I will be discussing later on. The movie pace is surprisingly not boring. It is not a super funny movie but it is decent and not too lame either. It is a simple yet quite twisted movie. Enjoyable for kids and also for adults who seek something chilly. There are times I’m annoyed with the movie though, I think character wise there are some things I do not like in the character here and there but it is not unreasonable that the story maker made the character that way. So, I supposed they succeeded influencing audience in terms of character development. /thumbs up

As many of animation movies versus action or romantic comedy, and other genre, in my personal opinion animation movies has more good morale behind the story instead of other genre. Perhaps because they try to influence children into good things and hope the parents would explain it to them?

I mean action movies do have such but sometimes they are too focus on the action or the appearance of the characters as well as the technology that the complication doesn’t give us positive feedback and might not being remembered as developing. It is nice to see some movies that gives us something to reflect on and way to improves ourselves sometimes.



Some that i can catch in the movies; when Maui took the heart of Te Fiti and wanted to give it to humanity as a gifts it would look good and bad. Maui has good intentions but he didn’t know that his action cost more than what he thought. Some of us also has good intentions but we have the wrong action and it will cost us great amount of loss or disappointment or sadness. It is to make us remember to think about what we are going to do, despite our intentions.

When Moana wants to go for her dreams to the ocean and keep getting blocked by her father, it is also happen in real life. There are times we want to reach our dreams and be what we want to be, but there are times that we are hold back by things in our life that we can’t let go, in this case her parents. Not only that, leaving the village means Moana will have to leave her responsibility as a chief to be, which also will look bad from the people point of view. Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we want for what’s better for other people. Because in the end Moana went to the ocean because she was trying to save her people, not just to reach her dream.

I didn’t mention in the summary but in the movie Maui and Moana had to work together which shows that to achieve something we cannot just rely on ourselves. We have to give our best but it is important that we also work together to get a further goal or to do things faster. It was probably quite hard, next to impossible if they were not working together and just doing it alone.

It is also good to make new friends. New friends can teach us new things. Moana was not fond of Maui but Maui did taught her to sail, to be a voyager. Friends gives different perspective that might also lead us to better outcome.

Last but not least, Moana taught us to be brave. To overcome our fears. To do what’s right. To keep moving on and fight no matter how hard the obstacle is, because when you know that you have a purpose (the righteous one obviously), and you have the means to complete a task or vision or goal, you will get it, you just have to hold on and keep going and do not give up. Maybe there are times you feel useless and tired and you might need people to encourage you, it is okay, as long as once you go back in track, you do your best, again and again and again.



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