Was It Fate or The Outcome of Selfishness?

After Moana, I wanted to watch Assassin Creed. Due to the limited time I had with a friend and the less show they already showing it, we finally have come into a decision that we will be watching ‘Passenger’ instead – Also due to the better review. I was not expecting much for this movie as well, because I was thinking how good can a movie with just two expensive people in it. Again, it has proven me otherwise.

I actually went inside the cinema a little late because my friend and I was eating sushi and taking our time before we went to the cinema – since usually they have a long ass advertisement before the actual movie. When I went inside Jim Preston which is played by Chris Pratt – which is one of my favourite actor after Guardians of The Galaxy and Jurassic World, was already talking to the bartender, or should I say, an android bartender, Arthur. Afterwards, Jim was trying to go back to hibernation because his pod apparently messed up and he woke up earlier than he supposed to. Oh, a little throwback that the vessel is actually a spaceship going from Earth to Planet Homestead II, which will take around 120 years, and the passenger including the crew will be in hibernation until they arrive. Since Jim cannot find a way to go back to hibernation, because the system is not set that way. It seems that you can only set it once and once you awake, you cannot go back to hibernation. He tried to open the crew chamber with no luck. Jim who is 90 years early, tried to make his life on the ship to the fullest. He played around, went into a suite room, and tried various things on the ship including jumping out from the ship to the space with a spacesuit. He basically managed to do a lot of things on the ship except getting a good meal, because he was not a gold passenger. He is basically a mechanical engineer that sort of invited over to the new planet with a discount ticket, because he will be needed in the new planet.


After more than a year doing things and talking to Arthur, Jim started to get tired and lost his will to live. He tried to kill himself before he finally found Aurora, played by Jennifer Lawrence. He struggled with himself whether or not to open Aurora from her hibernation chamber. He found a way to do it and he shared this dilemma with Arthur. After a long consideration Jim tidy himself up and woke Aurora. Short story Aurora didn’t know the truth, and Jim told her that both of their pod malfunction. They ended up together without knowing that the ship systems are slowly malfunctioning one by one.

To be quite honest, I expected the movie to be much more boring, but it was not. The phase is actually just nice, there are some talks more than others in the scene but it’s bearable. I concentrate on watching it. Nonetheless Chris Pratt actually made the movie more enjoyable because of his easy going nature. Jennifer Lawrence was more uptight because of her character nature. Overall I will give this movie a 7 out of 10.

They could develop something more inside the story but I supposed they were focusing on the individual and the technology it’s given. I personally enjoy the spaceship looks and design, which I think quite fascinating.

The dilemma is though, whether to sacrifice someone’s life to save yourself – waking up Aurora was a selfish act. And whether to keep being angry with the only person alive beside you in a small spaceship – well it’s not small, but yeah.

If you haven’t watch this movie yet, I would recommend to. I think you will find the setting pleasing to the eye.



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