A Very Random Rant

I have been quite busy with work and being sick. I would like to apologize for not being able to review more movie in the past weeks. I wanted to watch ‘Arrival’ and ‘ La La Land’ during my break but the cinema nearby my place didn’t put the show long enough, and had more local movies instead. It is unfortunate that I will not be able to watch both movies on the big screen, but I will certainly check out once the DVD / Blu Ray comes out.


It has been rather a torture week for me. I have been pretty fired up with sports, been doing badminton and table tennis, but then these activities that caught me off guard. Perhaps my health wasn’t so good in the first place and my body drop with the initial sore throat, continued with flu and followed with cough. It’s rather annoying, really. I still have my clogged nose and cough even now, it is better but not healed.

As for work, since I have been out from formal working environment for a while, it has been rather relaxing until these couple weeks. I helped in meetings and interviews for most part, but I have a new buisness development that supported by the company that I’m kind of working for. We are opening a retail line for automotive battery, especially motorcycle. We have been doing mobile exhibition and sales, while we find a place to open stores.

We found one and currently in the process of renovating. Apparently doing this reminds me on how much I hate dealing with.. people. Probably, I will rant on this section so if you don’t feel like reading rants, feel free to close this post now 🙂

First, we will discuss about the store. Short story we found a place that is out for a rent, which in the end we found a common ground to agree on the price as well as time alloted for us to do some renovation. We requested for a 30 days period before the contract started because the condition of the store is not suitable for what we are going to open – pretty much the store was abused and need heavy mild renovation. After a long little heated discussion the owner finally agreed to give us 30 days, in which we quickly arrange building contractor, blacksmith ( to build a shop panel and other metal construction) and a electrician. Once we agreed on the price for the building contractor and the blacksmith, we immediately asked them to start their own work. The blacksmith finishes 80% of his work in about 4 days with 20% left hanging because there was a miscommunication on certain part of the panel. The building contractor though, haven’t finished even 10% of the work in 10 days. We found out that he has been taking other jobs – or rather finishing his old jobs that he hasn’t yet, in which doesn’t make a difference for us, because he said that our job would be done in 4 to 5 days, which of course I extend his words into ‘possibly a week’.

He supposed to change the floor tiles, re-paint half of the store (3meters wide and 10 meters long?), check and repair the leaked area on the ceiling and repaint them. it is not that much work, to be quite honest.

My rant though, he has been promising us tomorrow every time we meet him and there are times he went off the grid with a reason of his-phone-is-in-repair-shop-so-he-doesn’t-have-a-phone-to-be-contacted. I have already checked for a new building contractor when we gave him a last chance that he finally put a couple of his subordinate to do the job. They are still working even now, which I will be checking soon enough.

I do not understand people. There are times they love to take a lot more jobs than they can actually managed. We have to know our capability. We have to be able to measure how far we can reach. Even as a dreamer you have to calculate your goal with real life matters. I have been targeted to open 5 shops this year. Is it possible, yes, maybe. Will I be able to make it? I hope so. It is not impossible but it is not an easy job to do either, especially with little resources.

I have been getting disappointment in the last two weeks not only from my contractor but also from one of my first subordinate. I recruited him because he asked whether we gonna have a job available once we open up a retail store (I kind mentioned about it to him before. He was a waiter at a small restaurant I used to have lunch). He came a week ago and started to learn at the company and do mobile exhibition but a couple days ago he went off without saying anything to me and left one of my people doing the exhibition alone.

Is it so hard to mention when you want to quit and leave? I will not hold you back if you don’t cause any trouble beforehand.

I have been seeing so many people, mostly with supposedly low education (high school graduate), just leave without notice and doing such is not just disrespectful but very incompetent.

Its like entering someone’s house with a knock and leave without saying anything, it is rude. People should stop doing that. I admit my country system isn’t so good hence this problem occur. Still, shouldn’t people have feelings?


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