Cupcakes and Rainbows

Like i said on my previous post that I didn’t get a chance to watch any movies on the cinema these couple weeks, hence my zero post on movie section. I did however managed to get a hold on a movie that I was lazy to watch and as usual being a little less enthusiast until I actually watch it and saw the credit. TROLLS.

Obviously before I saw the credit I didn’t know that Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake and a bunch of other high end actors and actresses were actually doing the voice on this movie. Ah, I forgot to mention that trolls is an animation movie from Dreamworks. Less did I know that most of the songs that I like which is top charted also from this movie. I feel quite ridiculous really. I decline to watch this movie on the cinema, when I should have at least try. The review is not very good on three main sites 6.5/10 by imbd, 75% on rotten tomatoes and 56% on metacritic. I beg the differ. Why? I supposed we will find out soon enough.

As usual before I review the movie on my own opinion regarding what I feel and what I saw when I was watching it, I will be summarizing a little about the plot and the story.

I will try my best to be brief. This story is about Trolls, hence the title of the movie. Trolls are basically a happy creature. They sing, they dance, they hug. There is no happiness when there is no sadness, so like all other movies when there is a good guy there is a bad guy. The Bergens however is a sad creature. They don’t sing, they don’t dance, they don’t hug either. Apparently these trolls live in a tree – because they are so small, in Bergen Town. One day because Bergens saw how happy these trolls are they started to make a myth that to be happy, they have to eat Trolls. Because they will feel happy the moment they eat trolls, for a slight moment. Hence they make an annual festival called Trollstice. Its like thanksgiving where all people eat turkeys, they eat trolls. Prince Gristle who have never ate a troll in his life was excited because it will be his first. Unfortunately, the Trolls already planned an escape lead by their king, King Peppy. They ran away through a tunnel to find a new home, a new tree.

Because of this event the Chef of King Gristle get banished – he assumed that the chef is incompetent and lost the trolls. The Chef has been trying to find trolls ever since, so that she could get back to Bergen Town. 20 Years later, with happiness and joy life that the Trolls experiencing free from the Bergens, Princess Poppy who is the daughter of King Peppy wanted to do the loudest, the craziest and the greatest party of all time for all trolls. One of her friend however, named Branch. Branch is very skeptical about all these happiness and he thinks that Bergens is around to catch them again. Unfortunately enough, during the party, the Bergen Chef did found out the loudness of the party and managed to locate the Trolls once again. The Chef grabbed a few trolls which was Princess Poppy’s close friends.

ap-trolls-jef-161104_12x5_1600After this event, Princess Poppy wanted to rescue the rest of the trolls. Of course nobody was brave enough to follow her, even her father thinks that it’s a bad idea. Branch who has been skeptical about all these rescue mission showed Poppy how he has been saving resources for himself in case the Bergens attack, underground. Poppy then invited all trolls to stay at Branch’s bunker – Branch was unwilling of course, and since Branch was not fond of hugging and all the happiness he followed Poppy and helped Poppy on her mission. Branch is considered a very sad troll because he is grey and his hair is black. They actually tell us why he went that way, but I wouldn’t spoil it here. Anyhoo, Poppy and Branch went to have a rescue mission together with a help from a maid Bergen who was actually in love with the current King, King Gristle – was Prince Gristle, his father passed away.

The journey is pretty fun, and the songs are actually catchy. The story is just a usual story like most of animation and movies we seen, that the Good Guys eventually will be able to defeat the bad guy, aannnd the whole town live happily ever after. Well, it didn’t really go quite that way as much, but close.

I would give this movie an 8/10 actually. Might be wondering why I gave such a high score when all other critics gave not as high. For me, a movie is about the story, of course, mainly, also about the characters development, the pace and even the morale of the story. I think it is important to have something to remind us once in a while when we are enjoying ourselves watching movies and we can actually adapt it to our life and get something from it – like i always say on most of my review.

My favourite quote from Troll is probably : “.. the world isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows.”

We all have a friend like Poppy, all happy and smiling and singing and dancing and sweet, like he/she doesn’t have any problem in his/her life. We all also have a friend like Branch, who is very skeptical, being all sad and quiet and always annoyed. It reminds me of inside out character Joy and Sadness.

Even in us, we have our Poppy and Branch, our Joy and Sadness as our emotion, as out character. There are times when our Branch and Sadness wants to give up and being skeptical about everything to have our Poppy and Joy to lift our mood up and be positive again. It is not bad to be sad or to be cautious or skeptical, because we do need them sometimes to protect ourselves, but we have to remind ourselves to not easily give up. How hard Poppy tried to rescue her friends and she was willing to give her all in order to have her friends back. There are times we may have to go all out, to our family, or friends or maybe our work.

In Trolls also we have Creek, which was a good friend of Poppy. He looks very i’d call religious, and nice and all wise, but in the end he betrayed his friends. So, everything we see outside may not be true. People could have different faces, like all our friends. They could all be nice outside but may not be deep down.

There is also Bridget, a maid Bergen. Her appearance is scary and she is a Bergen which means, bad in troll’s dictionary. But despite her nature she has a good heart and was willing to help Poppy and Branch. Some of the strangers or even our enemies or not so close friends could actually have a good heart and we didn’t know it. And when we need someone the most instead of our close friends, they are the one that are willing to help us.

Animations or cartoons, even japanese anime shows a lot of morale of the story that I supposed some people miss. Perhaps if the audience are kids they wouldn’t understand but the purpose of having parents around is to deliver this messages to the kids.

For those curious about the actual journey of Poppy and Branch should watch TROLLS. It’s a nice chilly movie.





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