Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Still haven’t got the free time to watch any movies at the cinema, and to be frank there isn’t any that I’m super eager to watch these couple weeks. In the mean time I found the time to actually rewatch my all time favorite series. White Collar. I just finished season one last week so I’m going to discuss this here. I would probably discuss each season once I finish, so I wouldn’t be lazy like I have been on stargate. Been slacking too much on writing, although I’m spending my time on my work elsewhere.

White Collar Season One is very good, in my opinion. I wouldn’t kept going the first time I touched my eyes with such beauty of characters and story line. I will give 8.5/10 as my personal score. It is quite bias but I do like crime movies/series, hence the “Bones” series post. As always characters chemistry is very important for me to be able to get attached to cinematic stories. The main actor of this series is the criminal who has 4 years sentenced of bond forgery and accused for a bunch of other white collar crime. Neal Caffrey escaped three months before his 4 years sentence over to search for his girlfriend, or ex girlfriend? I supposed they sort of broke up at the time (will be explain more on other season, I will not spoil it too much). When he arrived at the apartment with a bunch of fancy trick to the police, he couldn’t find his ex gf and he was sitting there with a bottle of wine.

Peter Burke, an FBI senior agent who caught Neal managed to find him again by finding that he was looking for his ex girlfriend (Kate). Neal asked for a meeting by telling Burke that a dust on his shoulder is a component of the new Canadian Dollar Bill. Peter agreed to meet him in prison after a week, and Neal offered him a deal to be released to the custody of Peter by helping the FBI as a Confidential Informant. After a long thinking process Peter agreed and they have been solving white collar crimes together. The story of course contain side crime story with Neal trying to solve the disappearance of his ex girlfriend. Season one ended with a plane explosion.


Besides a good story line, I really love quotes on white collar and all of the hidden messages they given here and there. Neal has a good friend with the name of Mozzie, and he has been his accomplice ever since they found each other. The other main characters are Peter’s wife – Elizabeth, Peter’s subordinate – Dianna and Jones.

In this series we have a stable relationship of Peter and Elizabeth as a married couple. They love each other so much and they should be married couple of the year. They always try their best to support each other during their best and worst times. They showed the audience that not all marriage are bad and not all relationships go wrong. It is possible to complement each other.

As for Neal, he doesn’t seem to want to settle, or maybe he does? He tried anyway with Kate, but it didn’t work out. Mozzie always tried to remind Neal that true love route is not for people like them.

I don’t remember all the quotes but some of my favorite are

“We feel free when we escape even if it will be from the frying pan to the fire.”

“Honesty is a more challenging game.”

maxresdefault.jpg“Neal: You and Peter – how did you really know?
Elizabeth: Well, I think there is a difference between loving the idea of someone and actually loving them for who they really are.”

Sometimes we look for something else when we already have a life. We chase for a ghost that we secretly know we wouldn’t be able to catch. Sometimes we want to waste our opportunity in front of us, and try to grab something else even though we already reminded by the people around us.

Peter and Neal Partnership and friendship develop from this season onwards. It can be a love and hate relationship. It is a relationship of two human beings with different nature.


If you haven’t actually try to watch this series, It is recommended 😉





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