So Happy to Have You Back in My Life

I would like to apologize for not putting more effort in writing. Been hiatus for a month. I hope to do better this month though.

As I haven’t really watch many movies… No, that’s not true I re-watched starwars from 1-7 and found myself a copy of arrival, which i figured I should review that one soon.

In this occasion on the other hand I would give my time to continue reviewing White Collar Season 2. Like most series they have side stories, but to make it interesting i’ll only discuss the main story. There are a couple of episodes that were not really that interesting in my personal opinion, less intruiguing, but Season 2 is probably my most favorite season – if I remember correctly. The reason is because of Sara. An insurance investigator that has been trying to get a Rafael back. She appeared quite annoying, but has always been witty and sarcasticly funny. She was pretty rough with Neal but eventually grew fonder.


I will not reveal as much but the main story goes from the explosion of the plane which killed Kate – Neal ex girlfriend and now deceased. Neal was traumatized and wondered why anyone would want to kill Kate, and to that extend himself. Peter and Mozzie tried their best to bring the old neal back so that he won’t go into depression. Neal keep working cases and keep solving them, as he was still trying to figure out what happened to the plane. If you have watched the first season Kate was trying to get a Music Box from Neal, which people believed in his possession, but Neal never have it (he never corrected the rumours). Before the plane exploded Peter managed to get the music box from Fowler. Eventually the show, showed that Peter asked Diana to keep the music box safely. After the explosion Alex went underground and emerges after a while stealing back her forgeries and Neal tried to save her. At the same time Neal found out that Fowler was the one ordered the explosion on the plane (which will be explained later on in the series why), and he asked Alex to steal the music box from Diana’s apartment – Peter told Neal the music box is with Diana, after they had a truth moment and recorded the actual notes from the Music Box. Neal put the music box on the Russian exhibition with the intention to lure Fowler and kill him.whitecollar_epguide_209

Peter saved the moment and managed to stop Neal from killing Fowler. Side important Story is Matthew Keller which was arrested on season one, emerged and kidnapped Peter through someone else to be able to escape from prison while he was transported to maximum. Keller is going to be a crucial character on Season 3.

Mozzie was trying to deduce the code that the music box was witholding with a help form a Japanese code maker. Before he could try to do anything he was shot. Fortunately he was saved and still alive. Mozzie figured that the music box code is a fractal which is lead to something. Peter was framed by the right hand man of the culprit behind all this music box fiesco and Sara joined the team to help out regarding the Fractal issue.


I hope you guys would watch it first before I go to Season 3. I’d give Season 2 an 8.5 /10 for my personal review number. I will be reviewing Star wars and Arrival as well this week 😉


as for quotes :

Often the things we try to hide are most obvious to the people around us. Vincent Adler [to Neal]

If someone took away the person you loved – wouldn’t you want them to know how it feels? Jessica

I knew this day would come – the hunter has become the hunted. Mozzie




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