Language is The Beast.

Like I have promised that I will be reviewing ‘Arrival’ movie. I managed to get a copy of this movie a couple weeks ago. I was so excited because Jeremy Renner was one of the main actor – I have come to like him ever since he played  hawkeye on avengers.

To put it bluntly ARRIVAL is a complicated movie. it is brilliant in it’s way I supposed, hence the very high ratings on imdb and various other review sites. As for me though, not so much. Let’s go for the summary first before I started on why it is not one of the life changing movies for me.

The story is basically about Louise Banks as a linguist trying to decipher an alien language. She was then brought by the US Army to help them. Since the army hasn’t been able to get anything on ‘what do these aliens want from us?’ or I should say ‘ Why are you here (earth)? ‘ question. She then met Ian Donnelly – Physicist, on this expedition. Louise figured out that the aliens have a written language of complicated circular symbols and she started learning the symbols that correspond to a basic vocabulary. Eventually she  becomes more proficient and she started to see and dream vivid images of herself with her daughter and of their relationship with the father (i actually took this particular sentence from wikipedia, go wiki!). Afterwards Louise managed to communicate with the aliens that landed on American soil (There are aliens on other countries too actually but the focus was on this particular land). Louise finally asked the main question that the government or the military or everyone in the world – in this movie, wanted to ask for a long time. What do they want coming to earth? The aliens answered with their language and it said OFFER WEAPONS. Other countries apparently managed to communicate with their own aliens as well with their own way of deciphering the language and they found USE WEAPON on their side. They feel danger from these aliens, while Louise argued that it is hard to exactly translate the aliens language because the way they written it, it can means other things as well such as ; tools or technology.


While US military feel threaten by this aliens – they sent rogue soldiers to put explosives inside the spacecraft, Louise and Ian went back there without knowing. While Ian and Louise is there the aliens gave a more complex messages and then the explosion occurs, Abott (one of the aliens name made by Louise and Ian) ejected both of them out of the spacecraft and it made them unconscious. When Ian and Louise woke up the whole military expedition was preparing to evacuate and the spacecraft moved higher above ground. Ian found out that the symbols those aliens gave was related to concept of time and its just 1/12 of the whole ‘gift’. They conclude that these aliens must want nations to cooperate.

China on the other hand, was planning to attack the spacecraft off its coast. Louise rushed back to the space craft which then it sent down its shuttle and took he inside.she met Costello (the other alien with abott) and Costello said that abbott was dying or dead. Louise then asked about her vision of her daughter, and Costello told her she was seeing her future. Costello also told Louise that they came to help humanity by sharing their language which is the ‘weapon’ or ‘tool’ because it changes the perception of time. The aliens know that three thousand years later they will need the help of human.

There is a little bit more to it but i will leave it hanging here :p

I love sci-fi movies. I love technology. And I had high expectations for Arrival, unfortunately, the movie was too draggy for my taste. I watched other draggy movies too like shawshank redemption and I love it. I don’t know why Arrival didn’t fully impressed me, despite its twisted ending. I feel that they could put more pace to it. As for points, I will give this movie a 6/10. I think it could have been better. Or maybe not the story but the way they shoot the movie, they purposely put it gloomy, and perhap personally its not my taste. Nevertheless I do like the idea of the story and it’s ending, So if you’re curious and perhaps you’d like this kind of movie, you might wanna check it out !

I noticed a couple things though. First, how dangerous can a language be when it is not used properly. And, There are times when it is better if you do not know the future, or when you do know and you still hope for it to happen because you do not want to change it.  Well, why ruin the surprise though, right?



One Reply to “Language is The Beast.”

  1. Language is one of the biggest unsolved mysteries due to its various interpretations that people have; it’d lead to either be a hit or a miss. Encoding the alien messages in the movie by fitting them in a sort of puzzling concept is brilliant. Unless, the slow pace and the constant flash backward and forward story kinda make it uncomfortable and bit bore to watch, for me.

    Kudos for your great review, btw. 😀

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