Light VS Dark

I rewatched Star Wars movie from Episode I to VII. Yes I watched it chronologically, not based on what year it was released. I wanted to try to understand what was Lucas Film trying to achieve. In this particular section I would focus more on the first three episodes, which was called prequel from the original Star Wars movie. When I first watched Star Wars I was not very familiar with it – I’m not westeners and I do not live in the western country. It was quite hard for me to grasp, but I did like it enough. I decided to spend more time in understanding the movie after I watched Star Wars The Force Awaken (VII) and Rogue One.

The first three episodes basically showed us how did Darth Vader became Darth Vader. What happened to Darth Vader when he was Anakin Skywalker. I’m pretty sure all of Star Wars fans already watched these movies, especially if you’re a hardcore SW fans. I wouldn’t discuss on the summary of the story as much, but I will just say stuffs about it as this discussion and my opinion goes. I’m still confuse and wondering though as how Anakin was born? as far as i remember he has no father and he has been living with his mother until Qui-Gon recruited him (Maybe someone can comment on this and enlighten me, would be much appreciated).

Basically Anakin was a good boy. He was Smart, and helpful and care about people, especially his mother at the time. Even when he was introduced to the force, he was still a good person and tried his best to defend innocent people. Unfortunately, or as expected from some Jedi masters that he is a two sided sword. He could go either way. He could keep being a good person and stay on the light side, or he could turn to the dark side, like he apparently turned. His mistake – in my opinion – was not because he fell in love with Padme. Or maybe it was ? I don’t think falling in love or loving is wrong, per se, but it certainly will open up new feelings and build up emotions that could be unecessary for a Jedi. A Jedi need to be calm and collected and focus – Hence Luke never had any romantic relationship. Qui Gon believed that Anakin could be the way out from the imperial situation, but in the end because of Anakin’s lust of power he turned to the dark side. He was hoping he could help out Padme but his calculation was wrong.

The episode four until six was mostly about how the rebellion trying to beat the sith/imperial. I do not know why Lucas film made a prequel and sequel movie, they could have started out from episode one. The fact that they put Episode IV on the first movie showed that they already have a story before it. There are a lot of morale of the story you can actually gain from Star Wars Movies. There is always two sides of a coin. One is head one is tail. One is light one is dark, One is good one is bad. It is to balance each side, It is to only be fair – despite the unfairness of the world. We as a person can always turn into good or bad when we grow up. It depends on what we want to do, who are we hanging with and whether or not we like the way we have been.

The choice is always ours to make. Whether or not we want to be good or bad. Although in my opinion – again, there is nobody fully good or fuly bad. It’s like yin and yang. We can be generally good but we sure would have something bad in us, it may not be big, but everyone has devil inside them. It is whether we gonna let the devil win or not. As for the bad people, they surely have their good side, whether they like it or not. Unless otherwise they’re having mental issues – even people with mental issues are not always fully bad. We all will have weakness and sometimes that weakness is our light sight, but sometimes that weakness is our dark side.

I will not give score on Star Wars movie because I just want to discuss this with you guys, but I will certainly have score for Star Wars episode 8, when it comes out. Oh, I almost forgot. I actually saw a lot of complains about the dvd /blu ray version of Starwars IV – VI. Lucas film changed some effect and it pissed a lot of hardcore SW fans because it was unecessary and the original was better. Sadly.

If you have nothing to do this weekend, go ahead and rewatch those SW movies. Have a marathon with your loved ones, or alone, even.

Have a great weekend!!



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