Stronger Together

I have been spending these couple of days with some friends, I surely picked up a thing or two about other people characteristic but since I want to focus on movie I shall continue  on what I just watched. I was tired and lazy to get out of my bed and I decided to make a use of my free time. I watched X-Men Apocalypse just now. I checked the score on some sources, IMDB gave 7.1/10 whereas rotten tomato and metacritic gave this movie a rather disappointing scores.

If you guys have been reading my earlier movie reviews, you must have known that I’m quite a marvel fan, sadly I have never been into X-Men as much. You all probably going to bash me of my reason though. Mainly because X-Men focus is on Wolverine, and I am not as much of a fan of strength based hero, even Hulk. I do like Edward Norton as Hulk though. Anyhoo, I haven’t watch Wolverine’s story I’m sure the movies are great story wise, so I wouldn’t judge it here, but it is actually made me lack of information on the X-Men world. I do like deadpool though.

Moving on with Apocalypse, I like the movie overall, it is very catchy and not boring to watch, perhaps because i prefer action movies compare to something a little bit more on the talking. It is basically about a story on more mutans that discovered in this century, less did they know that mutans has been around centuries ago. It was ancient egypt era, perhaps something like RA’s era. They shown themselves as false god and eventually there were rebellions trying to kill the apocalypse. The King – En Sabah Nur was trying to get new power such as self healing from I supposed another mutans, he was almost killed in the process because the pyramid was falling down, but one of the  protector – seems like she is capable of magic, protecting the king with some kind of force field so that he didn’t get killed from the wreckage.

He then woke up because some people that were sure that the mutans were centuries ago activated the pyramid. En Sabah Nur recruited people to try to go back to his previous glory. The so called ‘new X-Men’ kids teamed up and saved of  their former friends, magneto.

I have no better idea about their complete relationship, hence I’m planning to watch more previous X-Men movies, so that I can explain more regarding the characters and each person relationships.

As for reviews for a non X-Men enthusiast I would give it 8/10, it is quite high I know, I really do like the effects and the action part even though story wise I might give it around 7 to 7.5 because it was quite predictable and it is rather dull in certain areas. If you do like the previous X-Men  movies and you haven’t watch this one, It think you should. If you haven’t watch previous X-Men series you should probably watched the earlier ones first, so that you wouldn’t lost inside the movie. Actually X-Men Apocalypse teach us that to fight a powerful enemy, we should do it together. Sometimes we cannot win by fighting alone, it’s not simply because we are not strong enough, but because we are not strong enough >.> also , it will be a lot more efficient and faster when we fight together with our friends/team.

What made me want to watch this particular episode of the movie, when I am actually not an X-Men enthusiast? I saw a clip of quicksilver saving the peeps from the school at he actually caught my eyes.

I will review more movies and try to be better at this, for the mean time go grab a Netflix and Chill 😉



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