Classic with Modern Touch

I have finally managed to force myself to watch a 4D without 3d experience ( I think it’ll make me dizzy), even the 4D actually made me a little off. Since there was not any action movie that I really wish to see on 4D, I decided to watch an old but fresh movie, Beauty and The Beast. To be quite honest I have never watched the animation of that classic disney princess story, so I don’t think I can compare as much, but I did saw the similarities that people posted from the cartoon and the real human played movie. I do, somewhat know the story, it has been a long time since I read classic disney princesses stories. I probably heard it from when I was in elementary school.

I am not quite sure whether I should put the summarize story here since, I am pretty certain that most of us may have heard or read this story, even young children. I do emphasized it to a friend that youngsters these days has been quite pampered with good cinematic stories that we couldn’t have long ago. We have to read stories, since movies were expensive then.

It is a story about a young prince who was cursed to be a beast because he was arrogant, and a young woman who lived in a provincial area who loves to read and considered more educational than most. The Prince was cursed along with his butler and other employees. The prince was cursed into a bad looking beast and his employees was cursed into households materials. He was given a red rose from the enchantress as a sign. He has to find someone who loves him as he is and he has to love her back in return to break the curse, but he only have the time until all the rose petals fallen. Each time its fallen part of the castle will fall. If he cannot find someone who loves him while he’s looking like a beast, he will be looking as beast for eternity and his employees will permanently be inanimate objects.

Belle, a young woman who loves to read lives with a widowed father. The city doesn’t quite like her as much, because they think she’s weird being all educational and such. Short story, one day, her father, Maurice has to go to the market to sell some stuffs and as usual he supposed to get a flower for Belle, because that’s all Belle has asked for whenever her father goes to the market. As the cursed happened before hand somewhat the road has changed and it showed winter in june and eventually Maurice found an empty castle (?) while he was running away from wolves.

Maurice then found a talking teacup and tried to run away when he found a garden of roses and he picked one because he remembered he promised Belle. The Beast caught him and imprisoned him for stealing. His horse when back home looked dirty and Belle was suspicious because the horse came back without her father. Fast forward, Belle found the castle and offered to exchanged place with her father. The beast agreed so she had to stay forever in the prison. The Beast’s employees though, thought it could be a good chance of freeing themselves from the curse, seeing Belle. They moved Belle to one of the bedroom and attend her. Their Journey begins after.

I will not spoil as much, I mean, it is a classic story but I wouldn’t know maybe there are some people who have never heard or read about this story, and I will recommend you guys to watch it 🙂

It has 7.8/10 from IMDb, 70% on rotten tomatoes and 88% from google users. For my personal review I’d give this movie an 8/10. Well, there are quite some morale we can get from the story, even though it is just a remake, I like what they did with the talking and moving household stuffs. It is a smooth animation with good character choices and a musical feels made it better, although it also made it a little draggy and long at some point, but the songs are good.

The Beast  – was a very arrogant and self centered man and he was cursed so that he could learn his lesson, despite his beast looking face and body he isn’t a bad person, he has a good heart but he was raised wrongly and he became the man he was before he met Belle. Like I have said a bunch of times on my reviews before it is to remind us that appearance can deceive us. Not all scary looking people are bad nor that all nice looking people are good.

Belle – I consider her a hardworking and smart woman. She loves to read and she wants to see more than just her usual provincial town. She wants to see the world. She is a positive human being that we all could learn from. She sees good in people and she managed to have a good instinct as well (thats why she never wanted to marry Gaston). She really loves her father, which is something to remind us that no matter how annoying our family, they are still family and sometimes, perhaps we could be nicer to them.

Maurice – He hide the fact that Belle’s mother died from a plague when she was little and took off so that Belle wouldn’t get the plague (his wife asked him to as well), but sometimes maybe we do not need to protect the people we love so bad, maybe sometimes we have to be honest to them as well at some point.

Gaston – A very Narcissistic human that adored by a lot of women because of his charming looks. He has a nice looking appearance and tried hard to show off that he is a good person when in fact he force his way to get what he wants. Well, in a short explanation he’s a BIG jerk.



Lumiere and friends – Despite their unfortunate event to be cursed into household materials, they still try their best to serve the prince and help him so they all can get out of the curse.

Unfortunately though, there is a controversy on this particular remake movie. It is LeFou – Gaston’s sidekick showed his interest in Gaston during one of the song and at the end of the movie he dance with another man. To be quite honest, it might imply what the controversy imply, but if we don’t look too much into it, it doesn’t actually show as much as people think. As to prevent any bad influence perhaps an adult guidance may be needed if children or teenagers are watching. I supposed it has to be a neutral less attacking guidance against the less loved community. Sad really to think that some countries has to think of censoring it and thought it might influence the kids.

Anyhoo, those are my two cents on the movie. I hope you enjoyed it if you already watched and if you haven’t, you should !



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