I have been rewinding on old movies while trying to take a break on series (I have been watching the flash from season 1 through 3, until the last episode they had last week). It is an accumulation of a few days worth but I don’t see any particularly big about these movies and to me I feel that they’re quite light in terms of story. You may have already seen these movie, or maybe not, and there is a chance you do not like the genre at all, but I will review and give it some numbers anyways for the sake of it. Some of them have a bad reviews on the critics but it is an enjoyable light movies, the kind that you can just really chill and think of nothing.

Oh mother..

I wasn’t sure how I gotten to watch this movie in the first place, I was probably either being told about it or was searching for something new to watch. It is a romantic comedy story, it got a bad score on IMDb, metacritic and rotten tomatoes. I agree this movie was not a big hit or anything, but it is a lovely and sweet light movie. Because I said so was played by Mandy Moore, Diane Keaton, Gabriel Macht, and a bunch of other actors and actresses that I found quite suitable for their role in the movie. It is a story about an overprotective mother over her youngest daughter. She is a single mother and she is afraid that her youngest wouldn’t be able to find the right man to accompany her for the rest of her life. She was so worried that Milly – Mandy Moore, kept having a break up during her relationship and her mother made a shortcut through a dating service. Instead of sending Milly to meet the guys, her mother made the advertisement and met the candidates herself. At the cafe/restaurant of the meeting it is when she met Johnny, a musician, that she finds charming but will break her little sweet daughter heart. She then met the bottom of the least of candidates who is an architect named Jason. Jason is a successful architect who loves Italy and good looking (i supposed for her standard?). Short story Jason set up a supposedly coincidence meeting by making Milly his caterer but before she met Jason, little did Daphne – Milly’s mother know Johnny grab a piece of Milly’s business card and met her in front of Milly’s shop. Fast forward Milly dating both of the guys and her mom knows it as well but never said anything except trying to push her more to Jason.

Both of the guys Jason and Johnny has a different life, and hence they have a different way of handling things. It was shown during the scene where Milly was not having her best day and she breaks things. Jason threw a fit while Johnny tried to calm her down. Jason apologized afterwards and Milly continued to date both guys until one day when Milly’s family having a dinner with Jason’s family, Daphne saw how unhappy Milly was with Jason’s company. After the dinner, Milly kissed Jason goodbye – I think Jason sent her back home and Johnny was there in his car saw everything and obviously he was angry about it, the fact that he is not the only one in Milly’s life, even more it was with someone Daphne would prefer. They struggled and Milly stayed with Jason until she found out that she doesn’t love Jason. She then tried to talk to Johnny but he was too angry. It was a happy ending though, Johnny finally cave in after Daphne told him some stuffs and he went to find Milly and they got back together.

Well, morale of the story was we have to listen to our parents, they always try their best to accommodate us and help us, but there are times when we also have to choose for ourselves, and I supposed parents need to realize this sometimes. Their intentions are always good, but there are times when they are wrong. I supposed parents are still human, and they still bound to make mistakes, and it is okay. Also, there are times when we have to lower our pride to be happy. Like how Milly and Johnny did. I’ll give this a 7/10 just because it is refreshing and sort of touches me. you should try and watch this movie. Why? “Because I said So” 😉


From Mistresses to Sisterhood

I was reading about a locale gossip when I decided to watch this movie. It was about how a husband cheated on her wife and the mistress posted photos on social media. VERY SMART! not. So, this movie is similar in a way except that the husband was more clever to hide his stuffs. This movie also didn’t get a very high ratings considering it’s unorthodox way of showing things. Carly is a successful attorney and she finally found the man that suits her. She was usually have names for each man that she dated or have sex with, but Mark King was not just another boyfriend. Mark had to go to a business trip when he supposed to meet Carly’s father and supposedly will have them move things forward, but he canceled because he had a plumber thing going on and it got under Carly’s skin. Carly met her father alone only to get suggested that she should just surprise Mark, if she really love him. She took his father’s advice and when to Mark’s home, dressed as a sexy plumber. To her surprise she met a woman that opened the front door and introduce herself as Mark’s wife, Kate. Carly then took off and never contacted Mark again.

Kate on the other hand, tracked down Carly and asked about everything happened between Carly and her husband. Apparently Carly never knew that Mark already has a wife. A strange relationship appears afterwards between Carly and Kate. They both became friends in an awkward way and they found out Mark must have another mistress the fact that he is not getting the sex from either of them – Kate caught Mark on the phone and he goes “babe” all the time and accused Carly but Carly went offended and assured Kate that she never have a contact with Mark after she found out about Kate.

Both of them when and stalked Mark to a beach – if I’m not wrong it was in Connecticut. There they found a mistress who was younger and has a better body look and weirdly they connected and Amber, the second mistress thought Mark was getting a divorce because Kate was cheating first. They journey begin together to have a revenge towards Mark. I will not explain further as it will spoil the main story but Mark got his punishment and the girls won, one way or the other.

I’ll give “The other woman” a 6.5/10 although they paid the big bucks for this movie, there are some parts it was slow and I would prefer to fast forward, really. Kate at first was quite annoying as well, although I’m sure there are some innocent women out there who trusts their husband so much and appeared dumb when they just needed a littile touch of reality to make them smart. Morale of the story is, do not mess with your wife and your mistresses. I’m joking. Do not cheat your partner.


Does love even exists?

It is another light story with a taste of more sexual life and the truth differences between men and women. It is a story about accepting that men doesn’t fall in love with women’s character but instead with their appearances at first (in America at least that’s how the movie described it). Abby was a news producer in Sacramento in need of a new way of making her show has a better rating. She couldn’t come up with anything so her boss unknowingly hire a guy that speaks the unspoken truth between men and women, Mike Chadway. Abby didn’t like him as she thinks that he was explaining that all men want is to find someone to have sex with, whereas Abby was explaining that there are men out there who wants something more than just sex, and Abby explained the perfect guy to him on the phone.

Since Abby’s boss already hire Mike, Abby stuck with him and his appearance at the show actually increased the ratings of her show rapidly. Abby found her neighbor as a the perfect guy she was describing. Mike found out about it and decided to help Abby – because she was blowing the guy off from Mike’s point of few, in return for Abby to work nicely with him if she manage to get the guy, Colin. Abby then managed to be with Colin with Mike’s help to find out that She and Mike fell in love with each other without knowing.

Morale of the story is love is not a big bullshit, the fact that you have been hurt by your exes and had a bunch of failed relationship doesn’t mean that you cannot or doesn’t deserve to find a new love that could be a life changer. I supposed in relationship sex is important but it shouldn’t define your relationship with your partner. “The Ugly Truth” I’ll give this movie a 7/10 , it is a very fun movie but it is easily guessed by me on how it’ll turn out.


Crazy isn’t even an appropriate start..

The fourth movie was I supposed a remake of an older movie telling us a story about a father that has been busy with his life as a secret agent that only a handful of people know about (kinda reminds me of face-off, if you remember that movie). It is not so much of an action but it is quite decent in fact. “The in laws” main actor Steve Tobias was played by Michael Douglas is a secret undercover CIA agent, his son was getting married and he couldn’t help but mixing business with family. short story he messed up the family dinner and he had to apologize and make it up for his son. Steve visit Jerry, his in law to clear things up. Jerry is a foot doctor. Steve went to the hospital where Jerry was lecturing but there was a metal detector so Steve had to hide his undercover nuclear identification inside one of the suit hanging there where in fact it was Jerry’s (I’m not sure if it intentional but I do not think so). The police came when Steve and Jerry was still talking, so Steve had to run off and made Jerry caught in possession. Their journey beings there, really. The police has been tracking Steve because they do not know the real identity of Steve. Steve had to try to be a father and attend his son wedding while still have urgent matters on his undercover assignment. Steve eventually confessed to Jerry that he is indeed an undercover CIA agent, but Jerry never really bought it. Could they finish the undercover job and save their children’s marriage? Why don’t you watch and find out 😉

I’ll give this movie a 7.5 / 10 , It was really good, especially the first time I watch it, although I think Jerry’s personality is quite weird but it is a comedy action movie so I’m not really concern about that. There are some part where the pace is a little slow and perhaps unnecessary but overall I like the movie.


Winner winner chicken dinner

Have you ever been to a casino? To be quite honest I have never, as much as I want to, I’m a little afraid that I’ll lose a lot. Well, there is this game called Blackjack and apparently you can math it up. This is a story about a young man trying to get into medical school in Harvard but he doesn’t have the finance to catch up. He is a genius student from MIT. He certainly very good at math as well. He was aiming for scholarship in Harvard but he needed a dazzling story for the professor to get that scholarship. He was working at a tailor shop, but during a class his professor, Mickey saw a potential in him – Ben Campbell to join his crew. It is basically a bunch of students playing blackjack in Vegas to grab a lot of money and of course they count cards. They also have to do some teamwork on which table is hot and which one is bad. In order to grab millions of cash, the team needed a big player, one of them left and work for google while they recruited Ben as a candidate for another big player other than the one they already have, Fisher.

Gambling is never a good idea, that’s why Mickey always asked them to not gamble, but be logical and let go of their emotions while they are playing. There was a problem though, a security of casinos that hunting people that are counting cards. It is considered cheating in the game, obviously because the house would lose a lot. Will they get away with it? “21” is a decent story with a little bit of setback but t taught us to remember our old friends and to keep our head cool and not to make harsh decision in our life. I’ll give this movie 7/10 overall it is a very fun to watch movie and a little bit of twisted endings as well. Not as twisted but, it is considered good. Although the end result was pretty clear for me.


No Imagination

The last but not least movie that I watch is probably one of my most favorite thief movie. It was started by a group of professional thief trying to grab a big safe of gold in Italy. They had a planner, a driver, a hacker, a safe opener, an inside man and a demolition man. Everything went well until one of them betrayed the team and grab the gold for himself. Steve was played by Edward Norton was the main antagonist in this movie. He assumed that he killed all of his team when in fact he only killed one of them – John Bridger. The whole team was very upset and emotional about this so they plan to revenge it on Steve by stealing back all the gold he stole from the team. Charlie the leader of the team needed a safe opener, so he approached Stella – John’s daughter, to join the team. She refused at first claiming that she had moved on but in the end she joined the team. They did stakeout Steve’s house after Lyle hacked around and found where Steve was staying. Steve changed his name and bought each item that was said by the team that they wanted to buy when they have the gold. Will they be able to get back what was rightfully theirs? “The Italian Job” get 8/10 from me as a fan of their handy work.

My favorite quote on the movie was easily what John said : I trust everyone. I just don’t trust the devil inside them.

As I have always said, everyone must have the good in them but undoubtedly people have their own weaknesses as well, and it is the devil inside them. Whether or not they gonna bring out that devil or they gonna hold in down and do the good in them instead its on them. This movie told us loyalty, emotion and choices. We always have choices in our life, it depends on us which choice we gonna take. And eventually it’ll determine the branches of our life. Each choices gonna lead us to another choices and so on and so forth. Sit back and enjoy this fun and tense movie.



I hope this rampage will bring you some new movies to watch. they are old, but they are good.

Have a great weekends!


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