My Little Scary Fun Adventure

The hardest part of writing, in my opinion, is before you start writing. You have the idea and a list of things you want to write and share with other people, but the heart to start it is not as easy at it seems. Unless you’re in the mood, which will be a lot easier to do so. Sometimes I was hoping we can already invent and have a beta for one of those neurolink equipments that was shown on Big Hero 6, I can just link my brain to my laptop and have it written down everything that I think, or perhaps on my phone so I can tweet while driving. It is unfortunate that we are not on that era of technology just yet, but I’m quite sure that we will have one of those eventually.

Writing this blog about life, love, movies and to link it to our daily life events is something that I like, but then even so there are times when writing can be felt as an obligation. I supposed consistency is my biggest challenge. Even now, there are a lot of things and movies review that I want to share here, but when I’m being lazy it is hard for me to start to write. Nevertheless I made a promise to myself and to you, presser, that I will try my best to be consistent in writing. Hell, I haven’t even continued my Marvel adventure section when in real life I’m currently dealing with DC series heartbreaking events. This may sound like a rant, but I assure you it is not. This is me, being me.

Fun fact though, it is not what I’m going to talk about on this session. I will be talking about my experience in one of those escape rooms. Have you ever heard of one? There are various type of ESCAPE ROOMS. It is basically a room which has hidden messages with hidden hints, and you have to be very thorough and read the objectives very carefully and break the codes, or whatever it is to advance to another riddle. Since it’s been a while for me to go to an amusement park, this escape room is actually one of a life changing moments (I might exaggerate it a little) for me.

I was excited about this escape room for a while, but since my house is rather far away from the city, I haven’t had a chance or the people to be able to get inside one of those. a couple of my close friends actually had been in those game for a couple of times, obviously they entered different riddle and story. 4 days ago, I managed to get inside one of those room. Apparently the escape room that I went to has different branch and each branch provide different stories. The branch that I was in has four stories, “The Hollows”, “Shutter Asylum”, “Devil’s Triangle (closed)”, “Dawn of Ripper”, and “Secret of The Lost Tribe”, which is the one I was in. My friend went to The Hollows and Dawn of Ripper and they told me their feeling of the experience, not the riddle though, so if ever I can still get in one of those and play.They didn’t tell me in detail but they told me the situation of the room, which was quite somewhat scary. “Secret of The Lost Tribe” was said the least scary room among others, but since it was my first time, perhaps you can guess how I was.  We have two hours to finish the task, and we weren’t allowed to bring anything with us. They have locker for us to put our bags, watches, etc.

There were six of us males and 3 females, the staff asked us to go to the second floor and the room was just at the top of the stairs. The staff briefed us in a very casual way but it was dark even at the stairs – well not dark, dark, but gloomy. He said, “Please do not force any keys or the padlock.” “Please ignore the moving leaves or the ones that hanging.” Seriously he was just telling us briefly, and I was like very suspicious about it. Not long after that, he opened the door to the room which was very dark and filled with sands on the floor. He gave us two green glowing sticks. We entered the room, well I was paranoid. There was a TV monitor inside which will explain the story and the objectives we have to do or solve. Each room has CCTV and speakers to annoy us or scared us with the music or sounds. We were also handed a walkie talkie, which was held by a friend of mine to ask questions or hints to the staff just in case we stuck. It was quite scary for me cause I just don’t like to be surprised in the dark room, well yes I was scared. The environment and ambiance made it so. I closed my ears during the whole intro of the story so I’m totally blind about it. Stupid me, yes. There were some writings on the wall and doors written in blood. There was a map and some symbols on the stone. After a while I got used to it though, and tried to help out on the objectives.

After we solved the objectives on the first room, we unlocked the door to the second room, which was a very small door. It was maybe 100 cm wide and 70 cm tall, so we had to crawl inside and there was a ladder for us to go down. Afterwards, we saw skulls on the table at the end of the room, then two friends of mine walked near the table and suddenly the middle sliding door was closed by itself – we didn’t know it was a door, and we were divided into two groups (2 people in the small room and 4 people, including me, in the other part of the second room) The staff told us to pay attention to astrological sign before we get inside, and well, there were a whole lot of them on the sliding door that closed. We needed to open the door on our side to get to the another room – this is not my 2 friend’s door, which wouldn’t happen without the help from our 2 friends on the other side of the door. After we managed to open our door, we have to find a clue to help them get out of theirs. Once they managed to get clues and hints and a big chunk of pipe and a face looking stone to bring over to our side, we were stuck.

Well, we asked a bunch of times to the staff guide, because the riddle was quite hard and we only have 2 hours or we will be forced to get out of there. We asked what we should do. Apparently there was a small side wall opening that will be open if you push it inside. It only fits one person, so one of my male friend went in and check out what’s inside. He managed to get one thing which sort of a compass, but it wasn’t. I supposed it was something like it but full of numbers and alphabets. After we grab that compass-like equipment we had to go back to the sand room which then we could open another door from that room that we thought was locked. It was the last room. We managed to solved it n 1 hour and 44 minutes, with guidance. Well some people couldn’t finish it, I say we did quite well.

After we went out from the room and settled down, apparently it wasn’t so bad. It was scary at first, but you know, we, human are very curious, so even though it was scary there is this inside of me that I would still go back for a different story.

Morale of the story? Sometimes we need an adventure and perhaps this kind of adventure will bring you and your friends closer, or even your family. There are some escape rooms which are more family friendly, obviously the one i went was more of a horror theme, which can be bad for people with weak heart or older people. I am not recommending this one. You could try to find the ones that are kids friendly to play with your little brother or sister or parents though. It was a very nice experience, nevertheless.

This is not updated, I haven’t found the recent one, but this gives some ideas 🙂 Although I’m not sure how many of these are still operational

Review wise I’ll give it 8/10 from my experience, it wasn’t as terrifying as the other rooms as my friend said, it was more of a puzzle solving room that required a lot of thinking and teamwork. Price wise I think it’s more expensive than most escape room available in the city, but it provides the longest (?) – I’m not quite sure about this. For those of you who lived in Indonesia you can google the name of the room to find out which place provide these theme and stories. 🙂


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