The Family that You Do Not Hope For

I have been waiting and wanting to watch this movie and voila! I managed to get spend some time to watch it. To be quite honest I might have watched too many of its trailer, which caused me to know the story enough, although, they didn’t spoil me much and apparently they have reserved something more for the audience who has been watching too many trailers, like myself.

The Boss Baby is one of my most wanted to be watched on the cinema, and I managed to watch it with a couple of my friends a few days ago. It is a story about a boy named Timothy. Tim is a very happy kid with a very high and broad imagination. It was shown on the first session of the story. He imagined himself saving his parents and / or his parents saving his, from pirates or from dinosaur, just any possible imagination you could have. He’s like the Disney of his own. Tim was very happy with just his dad, his mom, and himself. The three of them, it’s a perfect triangle, so he says. Until, one day he saw an infant wearing suit arrived in front of his house came with a Taxi. Tim’s parents Ted and Janice told Tim that he’s Tim’s baby brother. Tim wasn’t so happy about it, because he felt that the three of them was just enough. The baby had a lot of attention from Tim’s parent, and his parents do not have a lot of time to spend for Tim’s anymore. One day Tim sneaked up to his baby brother’s room and found out that the baby can talk. The baby didn’t deny it as much, but he did ask Tim to stay out of his way for whatever he is doing. He called himself the Boss BabyTim couldn’t accept the fact that his new baby brother can talk, even more that getting more of his parents love. During the day the boss baby was having  a meeting with his other infant friends which was apparently his team. Tim eavesdropping at them while the boss baby presented that puppies are endangering babies life to his team. Tim was trying to record that his brother alongside with other babies can talk normally, but boss baby keep trying to block him. When the parents came over the babies acted like nothing happened and they acted as a normal baby. Short story Tim managed to record Boss Baby talking but Boss Baby managed to destroy the tape. It was not without a hassle which lead to Tim’s parent found out that Tim was treating his baby brother badly, and Tim was grounded.

The Boss Baby then had a talk with Tim regarding his work to Baby Corp and trying to save babies future to not get replaced by puppies. Boss Baby then gave Tim the pacifier that able to sent their consciousness to the Baby Corp. So that Tim will believe that Boss Baby is telling the truth. He is an infant with an adult brain. The milk they have been drinking is the formula to keep them from going older. He explained that the babies are infiltrating the parents who works for Puppy Co. Afterwards Tim believed in Boss Baby and agreed to work together so that he can just get rid of Boss Baby and have his parents back for his own.

The story goes beyond just that, obviously there will be much more adventure and unexpected scene that you will find. I will give Boss baby a 7.5/10. It is a funny and refreshing story and very cute babies to add to that, seems to be my weakness. The reason why I can’t give it an 8, is probably because I have watched too many of their trailers, and it seriously affected the fun I have for the movie. So, if any of you are going to watch new movies, I would recommend to keep the trailer as little as possible, like perhaps just watch the first trailer and never watch the second or third, cause there are times they gave out some of the fun away. Nevertheless, The movie still awe me with its twisted and irregular way of showing imagination, So if you haven’t watch it, you should check it out on your nearest cinema!

Some things I picked up from the story, that we have to give people the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone is trying to upset us, even the ones with hidden agenda.  Even so, we cannot blindly trust our closest friends or our idols or heroes. They are still human, there will be time that they might disappoint us and not up to our expectation, and once they do something we are not agreeing on, it might hit us bad. Boss Baby movie told us to be bold, to be who you are, to be imaginative, to be as creative as you can and to be brave facing any problems that you have. And not to forget to always have a good heart. Kids are the purest of them all.

Have a mystical baby day!




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