Secrets and Impulses

It is time for me to reveal my findings on DC Comics series. I wouldn’t discuss and summarize as much like I’m doing in marvel, but for just this section I’m going to share with every pressers to dig deeper into messages that the series have for us. I have only touched two series so far; The Flash and Arrow. It is unfortunate that I had to watch Flash first because of its sciencey touch and Oliver’s – The Green Arrow appearance made me curious about the show and made me watch arrow. I have a soft spot for archers, I supposed this is one of the reason I started watching arrows, including Felicity Smoak – Overwatch (code name), the hacker/IT genius helping arrow. I wouldn’t be explaining the character so much, but I will just describe a little here and there along the way. 

First of all, Arrow and The Flash is pretty much two different world. Well, they are living in two different cities the the United States. Arrow was born because Oliver Queen wanted to make a difference to the city, to redeem his father’s sins and to change what was wrong to be right. He learned his skills throughout the 5 years of his disappearance on the island – somewhat, they will explain along the way in the series. The show gets a little boring after a couple seasons, but I’m a very curious human being, and I still watch the show even now. I’m currently at the beginning of season 5. I supposed it’s still worth watching, compare to other shows that I have fully abandoned and I’m not sure if I will continue watching (HTGAWM – used to like this show though at first, until too many law with pleasures). Anyhoo, Arrow made himself to be called hero, well, more like a vigilante, because he kept killing people at first. It was a conflict of interest, because during the 5 years he was gone, he was taught to survive, and to survive means to kill or be killed. He brought this attitude with him when he came back to starling city and became the vigilante. He then changed to be the arrow after (spoiler alert) his friend died and sort of called him a murderer when he found out Oliver was the vigilante. Oliver then changed his way, hence the name, to not kill anymore. He tried his best to follow justice.

The Flash  on the other hand, got his power from a science gone wrong. Basically Barry Allen was hit by lightning and when he woke up from his coma he got this power that he can do anything super-fast, that includes running as well. Since The Flash has a lot of science they actually put more science stuffs into the show as well, and more scientist instead of people who wanted to be heroes. Most of the heroes or enemies they face are the cause of the unstable particle accelerator that making normal human into meta-human which they gained superpowers based on what they were doing during the explosion. Barry was hit by lightning when the explosion occurs, hence he gained a superfast  power. He, as most heroes would do, tried his base to help out crimes in central city, and even more trying to stop meta-humans from destroying the city. Barry is the opposite of Oliver. Barry never wanted to kill anyone even though he witnessed his mother died and his father ended up convicted for the crime he didn’t commit. Barry always try to lock up the meta humans, so that they will never hurt any other human being, until they find a cure? I supposed.

This post though, not to discuss in detail of what they are doing or what they are not doing as a superheroes in the series, but to discuss something that related to our daily life situation.

The main problem that I’ve found in Arrow that it was even established during the first season very clearly is secrecy. Oliver always wanted to do this saving the city alone, because he was afraid that he will hurt other people by involving them. Apparently, he wasn’t strong enough to do everything alone, as we have seen from a lot of movies, teamwork is always the best way to do things better and more efficient – considering your team is good at what they are doing. Oliver only has fighting skills and arrow skills, and he doesn’t have superpower, hence he needed a hacker to help him around the digital era and back-ups. This showed why they have Team Arrow but even though The Flash has a team they are more like a behind the scene team, until recently they all have superpowers because of the particle accelerator, but even so, it was all focused on Barry.

Secrecy was what brought down a Oliver a lot of times. He tends to not tell the truth, whether it be lying or just never said anything. This has cause a big trust issues between Oliver and a lot of people around him. His mother was also known keeping a lot of secrets from a lot of people. I was thinking about this when I wanted to write this post. Should we keep secrets? Is white lies better than the truth? To be honest I haven’t quite have the best answer for this questions. But, I do feel that we shouldn’t lie or keep secrets from the people closest to us, like our family or our partner in life. These secrets can result in a very bad situation which could cause your relationships or worse, death – well maybe not that bad unless you’re in mafia. With the secrecy comes the apologies and hopefully forgiveness and understanding on why someone lied to you about something. There are times we can get forgiveness, but there are times we cannot comeback from our deep BS.

In the Season 4 of Arrow, it reminds me that there is always two sides in this world. Two sides of coins, two sides of people, light and darkness. These sides is sort of a balancing act in our life. There is a little good in the bad and there is a little bad in the good. When Damien Darhk was absorbing darkness from people’s life, the counter act is life itself with happiness and hope. The shaman told Oliver; ‘ if you let your darkness flow over the hope and the light inside of you, you will never be able to beat the darkness that Damien possessed ‘. We have our darkness in us, the question is whether we are letting the darkness to consume us, or let it subside and bring out the light in us instead?

The Flash has different problem. The points that I’m going to point out is probably will sound like a con to DC series, no it’s not. DC has its own spark for its fans, but like I said I’m just trying to discuss what hit me while watching these series that I can link to our daily life. After watching 3 seasons of The Flash my conclusion is not very good, because I feel that Barry including most of other characters in the series are childish and hot headed. I supposed mainly Barry. Barry always wanted to avenge his mother’s death and free his father from the prison. I can understand this impulse. Before Barry met Oliver he charged anywhere without a plan and strategy because of his power and he always got beaten badly – not that he changed much but I supposed, he improved. What I notice with Barry is that, there are times he is cocky with his powers, which is not the worst part, the worst part is when he got emotional and not listen to other people opinion. I was enjoying with all this time travel thing he can do, until he created flashpoint, which in my point of view, ruined everything. He was so selfish, he traveled back in time, saved his mother lived with his parents and changed all the reality that has been going on. The setback is once its permanent he will not remember that he is the flash because it is an alternate reality that he created. Everyone in his life is different and the memories he had for the people closest to him will be gone. He regretted it but not without a cost. He did redo his flashpoint by going back to the past and let his mother killed by reverse-flash but by creating flashpoint, its like a broken glass. You can put it back together, but there will always be the part that cracked. The cost is some of the reality couldn’t go back to where it was before. Some events and situations changed completely, like having new people around him that he didn’t know before, and changed John Diggle’s (code name Spartan, Arrow) daughter, Sara into a male. Kaitlyn was just a scientist but after falshpoint she got her alternate reality power which was killer frost.

My point is, we might have impulses to change the past and to correct what we have done wrong, but the point of the past is so that we don’t make the same mistakes, and we can learn from it. Correct out present to make our future better. I think Barry’s action is very relate-able to our everyday life. We tend to get impulsive while making decisions, or when we are angry, and this will cost us. We have to be patient and think with a calm heart, so that we do not make rush decisions.

These are just series based on fantasy, sure. Like I’ve always said, let’s take the best of these fantasy and imagination and relate it to our life, and grab all the morale that we can to make ourselves better. To remind us things that we often have forgotten.

Have a flashastic and arrowsome weekend! 😉


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