A tint of Supergirl

I discussed about The Flash and arrow before regarding on what is the differences and the issues they have in their respective shows, where arrow is more about struggling with secrecy and The Flash was being very immature and how people made bad decisions. There was also morale of the stories above all those. I will not be discussing them again but instead I will share my experience watching two seasons of Supergirl.



First of all, Melissa Benoist – Kara Danvers, Supergirl has a very funny (in a good way) narration when she said ‘superman’ in every episodes introduction – I just think it’s cute. Supergirl is pretty much my favorite DC series at the moment, not because I’m being feminist but because Supergirl has the brightest setting between the three series that I have watched. I haven’t watched “legends of tomorrow” but I did hear bad things about it. The first DC series that I watched was The Flash because there are a lot of science involvements in the show. Even, Barry Allen – The Flash is actually a forensic working for Central City Police Department (CCPD). When I was watching The flash, they introduced Felicity (which is an IT focus and hacktivist from arrow). It supposed to be arrow introducing Barry Allen, but since I watched the flash first so it’s kind of a different way around for me. When Felicity came to Central City from Starling City – changed into Star City afterwards. She got my attention because of her nerdy look, and flustered way of talking and the fact that she is good with computer interest me a lot. The Flash also introduced Supergirl on a few of their episodes. I asked around and figured arrow came first before the two, so I decided to watch arrow after I finished watching the flash Season 3, until their latest episode at the time. After I watch arrow Season 1-5, I decided I have to give a chance for Supergirl, because I really like Kara when she appeared on The Flash. I never liked superman movies, and I think ‘Man of Steel’ is boring, so it is why I was a little hopeful that Supergirl is different.

Came to my attention that Supergirl is different. It has the brightest setting between all DC series, especially with the CATCO building that are very tall and bright, there are a lot of fresh faces as well. The fact that Supergirl actually didn’t have to hide her identity makes it better. So if Arrow and Flash are Oliver and Barry’s secret Identity, Kara Danvers is Kara Zor-el’s secret identity.

Winn which is Kara’s best friend is an IT genius which has been helping Kara a lot on her super power journey. One thing I actually like about Supergirl is Alex Danvers, which is Kara’s adoptive sister. In the original comic, Kara has an adoptive brother, but Alex specifically appeared for the series and she brought the new spice to it. I like the sisterhood that has been happening between them. Someone even told me it’s almost like “frozen” – the Disney movie that went viral a few years back 😀

It is also came into my attention how DC has been having gay female characters on her series. First that I noticed was Sara and Nyssa on Arrow, the second would be Alex and Maggie on Supergirl. Obviously I wouldn’t spoil much about how the story goes here, but it is one of the thing interest me. Marvel hasn’t been much of a show regarding this LGBTQ stuffs, and they said they are going to have one on the upcoming movies, we shall see. Another thing that I do not know why they made it that way is, Supergirl setting is in National City but from different earth. So while Arrow and The Flash came from Earth one, Supergirl is from another Earth – I do not think they mentioned the Earth number before.

If you haven’t watch any of these series you should, because even though they get boring afterwards they are still very interesting, especially when you do not have any series to watch, I would recommend watching Arrow first, then flash and supergirl, you can check out the actual timeline in case you want to move between the shows in between, because there are quite connected.

So far I would rate Supergirl with 8/10 for season 1 and 2, hopefully it will stay that way for more seasons to come.



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