a handful thoughts

It has been around eight months since I posted here. I never expected I would vacuum so long from movie reviews when I did not have much things to do but eventually work took over and I got busier than ever. I still do watch in cinemas or other series but less frequents since I re-watched Stargate the other day. Life got the best of me. a lot of lesson learned and mistakes were made. A lot of things happened since then a lot of real life lessons that I am not even sure whether or not it is appropriate to share here with you pressers. I will try to do regular post like before though. I miss writing and pouring down my thoughts and reviews about movies, or life and other things I could get my hands on.

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My Little Scary Fun Adventure

The hardest part of writing, in my opinion, is before you start writing. You have the idea and a list of things you want to write and share with other people, but the heart to start it is not as easy at it seems. Unless you’re in the mood, which will be a lot easier to do so. Sometimes I was hoping we can already invent and have a beta for one of those neurolink equipments that was shown on Big Hero 6, I can just link my brain to my laptop and have it written down everything that I think, or perhaps on my phone so I can tweet while driving. It is unfortunate that we are not on that era of technology just yet, but I’m quite sure that we will have one of those eventually.

Writing this blog about life, love, movies and to link it to our daily life events is something that I like, but then even so there are times when writing can be felt as an obligation. I supposed consistency is my biggest challenge. Even now, there are a lot of things and movies review that I want to share here, but when I’m being lazy it is hard for me to start to write. Nevertheless I made a promise to myself and to you, presser, that I will try my best to be consistent in writing. Hell, I haven’t even continued my Marvel adventure section when in real life I’m currently dealing with DC series heartbreaking events. This may sound like a rant, but I assure you it is not. This is me, being me.

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When Promotion Backfired

Before I went to play my escape room adventure, I went to a mall in the City to meet a couple of my friends. Their customer was having a grand opening for one of the most famous cheesecake from Japan. One of them was the graphic designer and the other one was the MC for the day. It was April 8th. The mall opens at 10 A.M which was why I wanted to go there early and I was aiming to arrive around 9 A.M but I overshot it and I arrived at 10 because of the super friendly traffic. When I arrived I went to the floor which was told by my friend the shop were. As I walk toward the shop I can see a bunch of people queuing already not only in front of the shop but also on the side of another shop – which was on renovation. I was about to say hello to my friend but I can see they were busy with some customers so I backed out a little. I thought the queue was just that much, but hell, I WAS WRONG. The queue was very long and took up space around the parking lot of the basement mall. I followed my friend around and helped out with anything that I can, obviously I was mistaken as a customer a couple times because I was unofficially helping. When I had a chance to chat with one of my friend, she said they have been queuing since 6 A.M. unbelievable. Well they did promoted it on social media and it seems a lot of food blogger mentioned it so it was like thousands of people were queuing.

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Classic with Modern Touch

I have finally managed to force myself to watch a 4D without 3d experience ( I think it’ll make me dizzy), even the 4D actually made me a little off. Since there was not any action movie that I really wish to see on 4D, I decided to watch an old but fresh movie, Beauty and The Beast. To be quite honest I have never watched the animation of that classic disney princess story, so I don’t think I can compare as much, but I did saw the similarities that people posted from the cartoon and the real human played movie. I do, somewhat know the story, it has been a long time since I read classic disney princesses stories. I probably heard it from when I was in elementary school.

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