A tint of Supergirl

I discussed about The Flash and arrow before regarding on what is the differences and the issues they have in their respective shows, where arrow is more about struggling with secrecy and The Flash was being very immature and how people made bad decisions. There was also morale of the stories above all those. I will not be discussing them again but instead I will share my experience watching two seasons of Supergirl.



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Secrets and Impulses

It is time for me to reveal my findings on DC Comics series. I wouldn’t discuss and summarize as much like I’m doing in marvel, but for just this section I’m going to share with every pressers to dig deeper into messages that the series have for us. I have only touched two series so far; The Flash and Arrow. It is unfortunate that I had to watch Flash first because of its sciencey touch and Oliver’s – The Green Arrow appearance made me curious about the show and made me watch arrow. I have a soft spot for archers, I supposed this is one of the reason I started watching arrows, including Felicity Smoak – Overwatch (code name), the hacker/IT genius helping arrow. I wouldn’t be explaining the character so much, but I will just describe a little here and there along the way. 

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The Family that You Do Not Hope For

I have been waiting and wanting to watch this movie and voila! I managed to get spend some time to watch it. To be quite honest I might have watched too many of its trailer, which caused me to know the story enough, although, they didn’t spoil me much and apparently they have reserved something more for the audience who has been watching too many trailers, like myself.

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I have been rewinding on old movies while trying to take a break on series (I have been watching the flash from season 1 through 3, until the last episode they had last week). It is an accumulation of a few days worth but I don’t see any particularly big about these movies and to me I feel that they’re quite light in terms of story. You may have already seen these movie, or maybe not, and there is a chance you do not like the genre at all, but I will review and give it some numbers anyways for the sake of it. Some of them have a bad reviews on the critics but it is an enjoyable light movies, the kind that you can just really chill and think of nothing.

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Stronger Together

I have been spending these couple of days with some friends, I surely picked up a thing or two about other people characteristic but since I want to focus on movie I shall continue  on what I just watched. I was tired and lazy to get out of my bed and I decided to make a use of my free time. I watched X-Men Apocalypse just now. I checked the score on some sources, IMDB gave 7.1/10 whereas rotten tomato and metacritic gave this movie a rather disappointing scores.

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