Isn’t it strange, Doctor?

I haven’t been able to continue where I left off with ‘Iron Man 2’ but I feel the need to write this as a recently shown new Marvel Studios production. “Doctor Strange” has been available in the Cinema from last week (in my area), So I have decided to take a little time from the busy days to watch one of my favorite studio’s production.

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MCU – Iron Man 2

I wouldn’t call the second production of Iron Man is the most innovative except that they actually showed a lot cooler technology on JARVIS.  The movie continued where it left after Tony Stark confesses in Public that he is Iron Man. He did cause some issue with the US government because they consider his suit is a weapon that’s dangerous and they have to retrieve it. In this part of the movie it was revealed that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark was not working alone on the arc reactor. Ivan Vanko — the son of Howard Stark’s previous partner, intended to revenge his father’s death on Tony. He tried to kill Tony during a race, but failed.

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MCU – Iron Man

It is pretty funny, really, when I first heard of Iron Man, I didn’t have any intention of watching the movie at all. In my mind I was like what kind of movie could it be like? A man with Iron suit. Obviously at the time as well I wasn’t familiar with Marvel comics as well as DC comics (I did mention that I live in the other side of the world). As I said on the introduction of this MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) series that my first Marvel movie was Spiderman, but I didn’t even know that Marvel made a lot of other superheroes either. Short stories, I got bored and was looking for a new movie to watch and after a couple years gone by I managed to get my hands on Iron Man – the first, and Iron Man 2.

Since the movie easily became my favourite, I will try my best to be objective about the review and do my best to explain the correlation between this movie as the start of the 21st century for all MCU.

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