I have been rewinding on old movies while trying to take a break on series (I have been watching the flash from season 1 through 3, until the last episode they had last week). It is an accumulation of a few days worth but I don’t see any particularly big about these movies and to me I feel that they’re quite light in terms of story. You may have already seen these movie, or maybe not, and there is a chance you do not like the genre at all, but I will review and give it some numbers anyways for the sake of it. Some of them have a bad reviews on the critics but it is an enjoyable light movies, the kind that you can just really chill and think of nothing.

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Classic with Modern Touch

I have finally managed to force myself to watch a 4D without 3d experience ( I think it’ll make me dizzy), even the 4D actually made me a little off. Since there was not any action movie that I really wish to see on 4D, I decided to watch an old but fresh movie, Beauty and The Beast. To be quite honest I have never watched the animation of that classic disney princess story, so I don’t think I can compare as much, but I did saw the similarities that people posted from the cartoon and the real human played movie. I do, somewhat know the story, it has been a long time since I read classic disney princesses stories. I probably heard it from when I was in elementary school.

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Stronger Together

I have been spending these couple of days with some friends, I surely picked up a thing or two about other people characteristic but since I want to focus on movie I shall continue  on what I just watched. I was tired and lazy to get out of my bed and I decided to make a use of my free time. I watched X-Men Apocalypse just now. I checked the score on some sources, IMDB gave 7.1/10 whereas rotten tomato and metacritic gave this movie a rather disappointing scores.

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Light VS Dark

I rewatched Star Wars movie from Episode I to VII. Yes I watched it chronologically, not based on what year it was released. I wanted to try to understand what was Lucas Film trying to achieve. In this particular section I would focus more on the first three episodes, which was called prequel from the original Star Wars movie. When I first watched Star Wars I was not very familiar with it – I’m not westeners and I do not live in the western country. It was quite hard for me to grasp, but I did like it enough. I decided to spend more time in understanding the movie after I watched Star Wars The Force Awaken (VII) and Rogue One.

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Language is The Beast.

Like I have promised that I will be reviewing ‘Arrival’ movie. I managed to get a copy of this movie a couple weeks ago. I was so excited because Jeremy Renner was one of the main actor – I have come to like him ever since he played  hawkeye on avengers.

To put it bluntly ARRIVAL is a complicated movie. it is brilliant in it’s way I supposed, hence the very high ratings on imdb and various other review sites. As for me though, not so much. Let’s go for the summary first before I started on why it is not one of the life changing movies for me.

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